History of the Building of Drama

1907 | The construction committee is established.

31 August 1909 | The first construction plans are approved.
The plans were made by the Viennese architect Alexander Graf, a former employee of the Viennese architectural atelier Fellner & Helmer.

1909 | Construction begins.

4 October 1911 | Opening performance.
The opening of Drama took place on 4 October 1911 with Wagner’s Kaisermarsch, an opening speech and the staging of Habsburg, a performance written by Baron Alfred Berger.

16 January 1919 | The building is given over to the Slovenian Theatre Consortium for their use.

6 February 1919 | The first performance in the Slovenian language is staged.
The first performance in the Slovenian language was Tugomer, a play by Josip Jurčič and Fran Levstik. Since then, the building has been used exclusively for the staging of dramatic theatre performances in the Slovenian language.
The theatre was renamed the National Theatre in Ljubljana - Drama.

1952 | Drama is refurbished and the main stage expanded.

1960 | Thorough renovation begins.
Between 1960 and 1961, the architect Dušan Medved made plans to renew and expand the building, taking into account the basic characteristics of the conceptual ideas of the previously published plans of the architect Černivec.  In 1960, the hall was renovated and seats installed in the standing area of the stalls. The standing area for students in the upper balcony and the former imperial box on the first floor were also removed at that time. Between 1964 and 1967, two larger functionally designed extensions on the sides of the stage tower were added, thus creating a massive cross-wing at the rear of the building.

1964 | Construction of the extension begins
The construction lasted until 1967.

1978 | The interior is renovated
The interior of the main hall was renovated between 1978 and 1979, and included the installation of 500 new seats, according to the plans of the architect and set designer Mirko Lipužič.

1987 | The facade on the old part of the building is renovated.
In 1987, the exterior of the older part of the building was renovated and on the basis of a comparative analysis, the cold green facades were restored.


Dušan Medved | architect
Mirko Lipužič | architect, interior decorator
Alexander Graf | architect


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