Social responsibility

Social Responsibility


At the SNT Drama Ljubljana, we believe it is our social responsibility to co-create the cultural space we operate in.  As the main theatre institution in the country, we feel a special responsibility and desire to improve the life of those groups and individuals who are, for various reasons, deprived of the possibility of visiting the theatre and world-class performances.

We appreciate the beauty of words, but as a theatre we cannot function without action. Therefore, for quite some time, we have been working with numerous individuals and societies which, without our help, could otherwise not visit the theatre. We have made our theatre accessible to socially disadvantaged children, the unemployed, the homeless, people in wheelchairs, the blind and visually-impaired, the deaf and hearing-impaired and other groups of people with special needs. These acts are an integral part of our day; we strive to provide the best content possible with special projects adjusted to their needs, interests and wishes.

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