The Main Stage

Veliki oder

The main building of today’s Drama, located between the Slovenska, Erjavčeva and Igriška streets, was built in the early 20th century as a result of the dissatisfaction of the German population of Ljubljana, who, in the regional provincial theatre, had to share their stage and backstage with the Slovenians. In 1894, united under the association Deutscher Theaterverein Laibach and with the help of the Kranjska hranilnica (Carniolan savings bank), they set up a special fund for a new theatre. The plans for the building were drawn up ​​by the Viennese architect Alexander Graf (1856-1931), who designed the building in a simple and transparent manner based on a slight adaption of his design for the theatre in the Czech town of Usti on the Elbe River, built in 1909. The new theatre opened on 4 October 1911 to Wagner’s Kaisermarsch, an opening speech, and Baron Alfred Berger’s performance of Habsburg.

Technical data:

Floor plan (pdf) Sections AA (pdf) Sections BB (pdf)

Light plan (pdf)

Sound plan (pdf)

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