Theatre Workshops

Theatre workshops are organized either as a follow-up to the viewing of the show or as events in their own right. They may take place at various venues, e.g. at the Drama or in schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions. A comprehensive introduction to the theatre is of crucial importance for young audiences. It includes a tour of the Drama venues and backstage, learning about various theatre-related professions and the making of a theatre production, as well as exploring the history of theatre and the SNT Drama Ljubljana. Workshops for primary and secondary schools can be arranged custom-made with the teachers of each group. Generally, they cover the following areas of interest: how does the theatre run and operate? What does it take to make a production? How does the makeover of an actor take place? How is it possible to create such diverse worlds on stage? Another feature of our workshops includes exploring rendition of texts, learning about elocution and breathing techniques and theatre history.

For more information on educational topics, please contact Špela Šinigoj, theatre pedagogue:


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