Coming soon on the Small Stage: premiere of The Scorpion by Véronique Olmi, directed by Nina Šorak (7 and 8 May at 20.00)

The process of creating the first Slovenian production of The Scorpion, a play by Véronique Olmi, directed by Nina Šorak, will be completed with a live streaming of the show. Saša Pavček, Bojan Emeršič, Iva Babić and Saša Tabaković star in a performance that very openly addresses topical issues of non-acceptance of otherness and strongly corresponds to our social reality. The play by the versatile French author and artist was translated by Primož Vitez, the dramaturg of the production is Rok Andres, the set designer is Branko Hojnik, the costume designer is Tina Pavlović, the composer is Laren Polič Zdravič, the author of the video is Vesna Krebs, the lighting designer is Mojca Sarjaš, and the language consultant is Klasja Kovačič. The premiere will be live streamed on Friday, 7 May, and a rerun on Saturday, 8 May at 20.00 on The host of the premiere night will be Sabina Kogovšek, a member of the Drama resident ensemble. A recording of the production will be live streamed on Tuesday, 25 May at 20.00. 

Following a live streamed performance on Saturday, 8 May, you are kindly invited to a post-show online talk with the creators of the performance on the Zoom platform, streamed on the official YouTube and Facebook pages of the Drama Ljubljana. You can send your questions for the creators of the production in advance to the following address:

Original project by Nina Ivanišin: My First Informance with the Working Title Sea Wall (16 and 17 April at 20.00)

My First Informance with the Working Title Sea Wall by Nina Ivanišin will be presented as part of the Drama Laboratory platform and will be live streamed on Friday, 16 April at 20.00, and on Saturday, 17 April at 20.00 from the Rehearsal Room of the SNT Drama Ljubljana. Starring Klemen Janežič, the performance includes a solo play Sea Wall by a prominent British playwright Simon Stephens, translated by Jure Škerl. Music has been written and performed by Luka Ipavec.

Nina Ivanišin, a resident member of the Drama ensemble, explores informance as a hybrid between information and performance, or a hybrid between a talk and performance. According to Ivanišin, the project is a result of her personal reflections on the theatre of the past, and the need to articulate earlier findings and new issues, primarily as a test of oneself.

Nina Valič is the recipient of the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists (ZDUS) annual award for outstanding acting achievements in the last two years

Actress Nina Valič is a resident member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana who augments each performance with her talent, personality, and her working ethics. Her acting is focused on the production as a whole, never seeking personal acclamation. The multifaceted nature of her stage personality and presence involves all the viewer’s senses and allows for instant identification with the character she is playing. In the mature period of her acting career, Nina Valič surprises us with extremely interesting facets of her characters, which she shapes by consistently integrating into various directing concepts. On top of her personal maturity, her acting is perfected with precision to the final detail. This applies both for her role of Linda in the staging of Thieves by Dea Loher, directed by Ivana Djilas, as well as her roles in Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad, directed by Nina Rajić Kranjac. Nina Valič has demonstrated her tremendously powerful acting proficiency with an indispensable stage presence, skilfully manoeuvring through a poetic landscape of the play, while remaining faithful to the search for a concise expression of thought.

Cement by Heiner Müller directed by Sebastijan Horvat – live streaming from the Main Stage (26 and 27 March at 20.00)

SNT Drama Ljubljana continues the season 2020/21 with the keenly anticipated staging of Cement by Heiner Müller, one of the most important playwrights of the second half of the 20th century in the German language, directed by Sebastijan Horvat. You can watch the live streaming of the premiere presented to you by four high-resolution cameras on Friday, 26 March at 20.00 at The host of the opening night will be Uroš Fürst, a resident member of the Drama. A rerun of Cement will be on Saturday, 27 March at 20.00, on the World Theatre Day. Live streaming of the performance on the World Theatre Day will be followed by a post-show talk starting at 21.45, featuring the creators of the production. You can watch it on Zoom streamed live on the official YouTube and Facebook pages of the Drama.

The upcoming production on the Drama Main Stage is the second part of an international trilogy, conceived after Cement by director Sebastijan Horvat and the author of the adaptation and dramaturg Milan Ramšak Marković in Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade. Each of the parts of the trilogy explores a different aspect of the play: the Ljubljana one, based on a translation by Mojca Kranjc, focuses on the intimate story of the protagonist couple, Gleb (Marko Mandić) and Dasha (Nataša Barbara Gračner).

Coming soon: world premiere of the stage adaptation of the novel The Fig Tree by Goran Vojnović, directed by Luka Martin Škof

The Fig Tree, the third in a series of highly acclaimed and award-winning novels by Goran Vojnović, deals with a wide range of topics that offer a comprehensive insight into the historical and social life circumstances of several generations of families living in the culturally and politically volatile Balkans. The author of the dramatization is Simona Hamer. It was adapted for the stage by the director Luka Martin Škof and the cast including Benjamin Krnetić, Tina Vrbnjak, Pia Zemljič, Uroš Fürst, Janez Škof, Maja Sever, Boris Mihalj, Saša Mihelčič, Petra Govc, Vojko Zidar, Valter Dragan and Zvezdana Mlakar. The dramaturg of the production is Darja Dominkuš, the set and video projection designer is Miha Knific, the costume designer is Urška Recer, the composer, selector of music, arranger and vocal coach is Ivan Mijačević, lighting designer is Metod Novak, language consultant is Tatjana Stanič, speech consultant for Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian is Benjamin Krnetić. The cast of the video includes Saša Tabaković, Sabina Kogovšek, Eva Jesenovec, Vid Kozelj and Veronika Drolc.

The leitmotif and trigger of the story in the novel The Fig Tree is loss. Following his grandfather’s death and the suspicion of suicide, Jadran Dizdar feels the need for a thorough exploration of his family history to make sense and re-evaluate his memories and his benign present. By rethinking and filling in the gaps in the family memorial bank, Jadran tries to understand the (voluntary) departures of people he loves. Due to the feeling of alienation, placed in his cradle, so to speak, he tries to formulate his identity by words as well.

A New Race at the 51st Week of Slovenian Drama

The festival selector Rok Andres has included in the competition program of the 51st Week of Slovenian Drama the SNT Drama Ljubljana production of A New Race by the author and director Matjaž Zupančič. It stars Bojan Emeršič, Jurij Zrnec, Saša Tabaković, Barbara Cerar and Gregor Baković, for whom Zupančič also wrote the play. The festival will take place in the first half of November.

Drama on tour in the time of pandemic: presenting our production of The Little Wire Girl at the prestigious international theatre festival in Milan

The Slovenian National Theatre Drama Ljubljana will present the world premiere of The Little Wire Girl by Maja Hrgović and Marjan Nečak on 17 and 18 February at the 12th edition of the International Prize »Il teatro Nudo« (»The Naked Theatre«) Teresa Pomodoro in Milan, Italy. Unfortunately, the slow easing of the epidemiological situation in Slovenia and Italy does not allow Drama to travel to Milan. That is why the festival audience will watch the live streaming of contemporary drama opera The Little Wire Girl, directed by Marjan Nečak, performed on the Drama Main Stage, especially for this occasion. The prestigious international theatre festival, which will take place during the 2020/21 season in cooperation with the Spazio Teatro No'hma Teresa Pomodoro and the city of Milan, is held under the honorary patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The recipients of the prizes and special tokens of recognition which will be selected by an international jury and festival audience will be announced in the autumn of 2021 in Milan at a special ceremony before the start of the upcoming, 13th edition of the International Prize.

The recording of the guest performance of The Little Wire Girl in Milan will be available to Slovenian theatre goers on Saturday, 20 February at 20.00 at

The Effect by Lucy Prebble directed by Eva Nina Lampič – live streaming from the Small Stage (10 and 11 February at 20.00)

SNT Drama Ljubljana is pleased to announce the first Slovenian production of The Effect, a play by a socially committed contemporary British playwright Lucy Prebble, directed by Eva Nina Lampič. The premiere will be live streamed on Wednesday, 10 February at 20.00 from the Small Stage. The upcoming production is the second Small Stage production in the 2020/21 season, entitled Floatation. Lucy Prebble puts man at the very centre of interest, as underlined by her note in the playscript saying The Effect is »a play for four people, in love and sorrow«. In an extremely insightful way, The Effect explores the desires, fears and distress of four protagonists – two volunteers in a clinical trial and two doctors. The cast of the first Slovenian production of the play includes Polona Juh, Rok Vihar, Eva Jesenovec and Klemen Janežič. The play was translated by Tina Mahkota, the dramaturg of the production is Eva Kraševec, the set designer is Jasna Vastl, the costume designer is Gordana Bobojević, the composer is Aleš Zorec, the author of the videos is Dani Modrej, the language consultant is Klasja Kovačič and the lighting designer is Vlado Glavan.

Live streaming of the rerun of The Effect will follow the next evening, on Thursday, 11 February at 20.00. You can watch the live streaming done by four high-resolution cameras at E-tickets, which cost 13 EUR for the premiere and 11 EUR for the rerun, can be purchased at

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