Maša Derganc wins the Borštnik Award for Acting 2021

Maša Derganc, a member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble won the Borštnik Award at the 56th Maribor Theatre Festival for acting for the role of Alice James in the production of Alice in Bed by Susan Sontag and directed by Dorian Šilc Petek.

According to the 56th Maribor Theatre Festival jury, »the role of Alice James is defined by an unnamed illness that fundamentally marks the life of an intellectually astute and sensitive woman from a prominent American family in the nineteenth century. Maša Derganc masterfully weaves her into the ambiguity between acting and reality, and it is in the indefinable fold between the two that she forges the identity of a woman whose superior intellect prevents her from finding her rightful place in society. From her illness she draws the source of Alice's lack of strength and also her manipulative potential that she subtly uses to make sense of her arrested life.«

Marjan Nečak wins the Golden Lion for Best Music

Marjan Nečak, author (together with Maja Hrgović), director, composer, set designer and lighting designer of the drama-opera The Little Wire Girl, won the Golden Lion for Best Music at the 22nd International Festival of Chamber Theatre Golden Lion in Umag, Croatia.

According to the 22nd International Festival of Chamber Theatre Golden Lion in Umag, Croatia jury, »Marjan Nečák's score is highly evocative and emotionally sumptuous. In the production, Nečak interweaves various musical genres in a uniquely original way, which requires a wide knowledge and top-notch preparation on the part of the performers. Nečak's music is the foundation on which the entire production is based. According to the composer himself, »theatre is essentially music enriched with the feelings of life«. This is the kind of theatre that amazed us at the 22nd Golden Lion Festival in Umag, Croatia.«

Preview on the Main Stage: Endgame by Samuel Beckett, directed by Diego de Brea (29 June at 20.00)

The SNT Drama Ljubljana rounds off its 2020/21 season repertoire with the absurdist-dystopian one-act play Endgame. It is considered, alongside Waiting for Godot, »tragicomedy in two acts«, one of the most celebrated works by the Irish playwright and versatile artist Samuel Beckett. Translated by Srečko Fišer. Endgame is directed, set and lighting designed by Diego de Brea. Other creative team members include Mojca Kranjc (dramaturg), Blagoj Micevski (costume designer), Metod Novak (lighting designer) Klasja Kovačič (language consultant), and Alja Bračun (rehearsal process observer). The cast includes Matija Rozman, Veronika Drolc, Jurij Zrnec and, alternating, Igor Samobor and Gregor Baković.

Endgame introduces us to four anti-heroes who are marked and incapacitated in one way or another. These characters with unusual names are healthy (they are not sick or infected), but each in their own way disabled, damaged, incapacitated, helpless. Hamm (Igor Samobor/Gregor Baković), the lame and blind master, Clov (Jurij Zrnec), his loyal servant and foster son who is unable to sit down), and Nagg (Matija Rozman) and Nell (Veronika Drolc), Hamm's father and mother, are living a miserable life in a non-descript shack in the middle of a desolate nothingness. Three of them are able to see, but only one of them can actually see and report on the world outside, because he is the only one who can climb the ladder leaning against the window and report on the world outside. According to him, the world is nothing but one motionless greyness, in the manner of a teichoscopy (viewing from the walls) – or maybe he is only making it up and it is simply his little game in a series of points that are »being played« by the characters. The only thing they can perform is life itself; and they make the most of what it takes in this improvised impromptu act:  they take a thing or two from the ancient Greeks, they nick something else from the commedia dell'arte, they casually quote the Bible and refer to Hegel, and even some old Jewish joke comes in handy. Trapped in a vicious circle of nothingness, the quartet fights its way through time with grotesque attempts to stage life ...  According to Diego in his production note, »in this world, Beckett’s hero has nothing but the awareness of his own nothingness – mere chance can take everything away from him – but he still has the power to say »I«. With his feet in the mud and with the eternally non-attainable sky, he travels towards his inevitable self-destruction.«

Coming up on the Main Stage: the premiere of The Night Writer by the world famous Belgian artist Jan Fabre (29 May at 20.00)

The Night Writer, a collaboration between the SNT Drama Ljubljana and the Troubleyn Theater, founded in the mid-1980s by the world famous Belgian multidisciplinary artist, screenwriter, director and choreographer Jan Fabre, is to be staged shortly. The director, set designer, costume designer and author of the video is Jan Fabre. He has chosen the Drama Ljubljana for his first theatre performance in the Slovenian language, starring Marko Mandić, a leading man of the Drama resident ensemble. The grand premiere of the performance, which will round off the repertoire of the 2020/21 season on the Small Stage, will take place on Saturday, 29 May, followed by two reruns on 31 May and 1 June.

The first Slovenian production of The Night Writer was originally planned as part of this year's Drama Festival which has now been postponed to 2022 due to the epidemic. All three performances of The Night Writer are part of the programme of events under the common title Drama Outside the Door, symbolically paying tribute to the Drama Festival in May and June and completing the spring period of the 2020/21 season.

The Night Writer is an international theatre project by Jan Fabre. Following its world premiere in Belgium, Nachtschrijver (Troubleyn, Antwerp, 2016), was followed up by international performances in 2019 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of St. Petersburg’s Bolshoi Theatre. Directed by Fabre, Italian, French, Serbian and Lithuanian productions have been staged. The Slovenian version will be followed-up by a Croatian version.

Coming soon to the Main Stage: the first Slovenian production of The Mother by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, directed by Juš Zidar (from 21 to 25 May 2021)

The first Slovenian production of the intriguing and multidimensional play The Mother by the famous Polish writer, painter and philosopher Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz who is no stranger to Slovenian audience as the author of The Crazy Locomotive, continues the theatre season 2020/21 on the SNT Drama Ljubljana Main Stage. The Mother which is considered one of Witkiewicz's most intimate, self-searching and his most often staged work outside of Poland, is often compared to Ibsen's Ghosts. It was translated from Polish by Darja Dominkuš, the in-house dramaturg of the SNT Drama Ljubljana and a recipient of numerous awards for her comprehensive body of work of translations from Polish into Slovenian. The authors of the stage version of The Mother, subtitled as Unsavoury play in two acts with an epilogue by the author, often known by his pen name Witkacy, are the creators of the performance. The dramaturg of the production is Eva Kraševec, the language consultant is Tatjana Stanič, the set designer is Urša Vidic, the costume designer is Belinda Radulović, the composer is Marjan Nečak, the lighting designers are Borut Bučinel and Urša Vidic, the movement coach is Klemen Janežič, the assistant director is Luka Marcen, the assistant costume designer is Ana Janc, and assistant to the dramaturg (as a student) is Neža Lučka Peterlin. The cast of the first Slovenian production of The Mother includes Silva Čušin, Nejc Cijan Garlatti, Maša Derganc, Zvone Hribar, Timon Šturbej, Barbara Cerar and Klemen Janežič.

The premiere will be live streamed on Friday, 21 May and the first rerun on Saturday, 22 May at 20.00.  To watch the live stream from the Main Stage please click The host of the opening night will be Rok Vihar, a member of the Drama resident ensemble. On Saturday, 22 May the live stream will be followed by the online post-show talk in the Social and Sociable series. The Mother will open live on the Main Stage in accordance with the current government decree on public events on Monday, 24 May at 20.00 and will be rerun on Tuesday, 25 May at 19.30.

Coming soon on the Small Stage: premiere of The Scorpion by Véronique Olmi, directed by Nina Šorak (7 and 8 May at 20.00)

The process of creating the first Slovenian production of The Scorpion, a play by Véronique Olmi, directed by Nina Šorak, will be completed with a live streaming of the show. Saša Pavček, Bojan Emeršič, Iva Babić and Saša Tabaković star in a performance that very openly addresses topical issues of non-acceptance of otherness and strongly corresponds to our social reality. The play by the versatile French author and artist was translated by Primož Vitez, the dramaturg of the production is Rok Andres, the set designer is Branko Hojnik, the costume designer is Tina Pavlović, the composer is Laren Polič Zdravič, the author of the video is Vesna Krebs, the lighting designer is Mojca Sarjaš, and the language consultant is Klasja Kovačič. The premiere will be live streamed on Friday, 7 May, and a rerun on Saturday, 8 May at 20.00 on The host of the premiere night will be Sabina Kogovšek, a member of the Drama resident ensemble. A recording of the production will be live streamed on Tuesday, 25 May at 20.00. 

Following a live streamed performance on Saturday, 8 May, you are kindly invited to a post-show online talk with the creators of the performance on the Zoom platform, streamed on the official YouTube and Facebook pages of the Drama Ljubljana. You can send your questions for the creators of the production in advance to the following address:

Original project by Nina Ivanišin: My First Informance with the Working Title Sea Wall (16 and 17 April at 20.00)

My First Informance with the Working Title Sea Wall by Nina Ivanišin will be presented as part of the Drama Laboratory platform and will be live streamed on Friday, 16 April at 20.00, and on Saturday, 17 April at 20.00 from the Rehearsal Room of the SNT Drama Ljubljana. Starring Klemen Janežič, the performance includes a solo play Sea Wall by a prominent British playwright Simon Stephens, translated by Jure Škerl. Music has been written and performed by Luka Ipavec.

Nina Ivanišin, a resident member of the Drama ensemble, explores informance as a hybrid between information and performance, or a hybrid between a talk and performance. According to Ivanišin, the project is a result of her personal reflections on the theatre of the past, and the need to articulate earlier findings and new issues, primarily as a test of oneself.

Nina Valič is the recipient of the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists (ZDUS) annual award for outstanding acting achievements in the last two years

Actress Nina Valič is a resident member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana who augments each performance with her talent, personality, and her working ethics. Her acting is focused on the production as a whole, never seeking personal acclamation. The multifaceted nature of her stage personality and presence involves all the viewer’s senses and allows for instant identification with the character she is playing. In the mature period of her acting career, Nina Valič surprises us with extremely interesting facets of her characters, which she shapes by consistently integrating into various directing concepts. On top of her personal maturity, her acting is perfected with precision to the final detail. This applies both for her role of Linda in the staging of Thieves by Dea Loher, directed by Ivana Djilas, as well as her roles in Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad, directed by Nina Rajić Kranjac. Nina Valič has demonstrated her tremendously powerful acting proficiency with an indispensable stage presence, skilfully manoeuvring through a poetic landscape of the play, while remaining faithful to the search for a concise expression of thought.

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