Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul is named Best Performance of the previous theatre season by the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia

Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul has won the Best Performance of the 2018/19 season award presented by the Association of Theatre Critics and Researchers of Slovenia.

According to the jury panel, »Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul, based on Fassbinder's film, and staged in an derelict industrial hall, presents a slice of concrete social, racial and class contradictions, while developing its underlying current relevance with precise sensitivity. Sebastijan Horvat’s direction is meticulous and multi-layered in presenting a site-specific performance, using minimalist but first-rate acting gestures, framing of views and freeze frames with unobtrusive commentary. These elements are evocatively enhanced by a change of set arrangements, allowing a point of condensed tension to be established effectively by positioning a multitude of bodies in close proximity.«

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