Nina Ivanišin wins the Prešeren Fund Award

Nina Ivanišin is a recipient of the national Prešeren Fund Award for her roles created over the last three years.

According to Primož Jesenko, a jury panel member, »Nina Ivanišin has for the past three years left an indelible impression with her numerous outstanding roles on her resident stage of the SNT Drama Ljubljana, appearing as Antigone, Francka, Nežka and Agata Schwarzkobler, as well as a protagonist in several original independent theatre projects. Her interpretations can be synonymous with infuriated rage, but also with subdued endurance. Minimalistic and using sparse means of expression, her acting always speaks volumes of the inner torment of her character: her sceptical, congenially passive body, and alert, bright eyes are able to see what is happening from within, and her stamina emerges from an idiosyncratic inner calm. In Lungs, a contemporary play, she confers her lines with a sophisticated sense of pace, rendering them eruptively, while her presence constantly and boldly intertwines different levels of reality.

Resembling a deeply absorbed caryatide, Ivanišin invariably manages to involve the viewers subtly in her interpretation. In the same breath, she manages with remarkable sensitivity and intuition to impart her personal co-author-like gesture into the performance. The expressive quality of her acting backs up an unspoken subtext that goes beyond what is seen and said. This distinctive touch makes her unique and at the same time incomprehensible, as well as »untamed«.

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