Tatjana Stanič, winner of the ZDUS Prize »Marko Slodnjak«

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Tatjana Stanič, a theatre language consultant who has won the Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists (ZDUS) Prize »Marko Slodnjak for a two-year period. According to jury panel members, Marko Simčič, Nina Ivanišin and Livija Pandur (president),

»Tatjana Stanič, in her capacity as a language consultant, is an indispensable creator of spoken word design in Slovenian theatre houses, most notably at the SNT Drama Ljubljana, where she is an in-house language consultant. Using her artistic as well as personal sensitivity, alongside her in-depth, broad and detailed linguistic skills, Stanič explores literary texts and contexts, as well as the development of contemporary spoken language and the artistic interpretation of stage speech which is invariably determined by the social or functional text type. Her intensive and continuous work with actors, which helps them to keep up with their spoken proficiency, investigates the subtleties of spoken language text features, stylistic features, the multi-layering of playscripts and the interweaving of various linguistic levels. Her engaging with playscript makes them alive as literary works of art and as living matter, flexible and contemporary, resulting in the up-to-date spoken language, and setting the highest professional standards in Slovenia. Working with the most stimulating Slovenian and European directors, Stanič constantly reinforces our awareness of almost infinite possibilities of creativity in language and stage speech. By way of her expert method, her approach to language is conducive to raising the actors’ spirit, which is a necessary ingredient for every single theatre performance.«

The ZDUS prizes will be presented at the opening ceremony of the 49th Week of Slovenian Drama on 27 March at the Prešeren Theatre Kranj, by the President of The Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists, Saša Pavček.  

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