The world premiere of Female Outcasts, original theatre project after Rudi Šeligo’s writings, directed by Mirjana Medojević, formally opens the season entitled Love on the Small Stage

The first premiere of the 2019/20 season on the Small Stage will take place on Friday, 27 September at 20.00. Female Outcasts is an original theatre project after the writings by the great Slovenian playwright Rudi Šeligo. The authors of the adaptation are the creators of the staging, a genuine testimony of ourselves, in fact, of those parts within us that can be called spaces of the soul. A space of the soul is also a place of a (theatre) ritual. The cast of Female Outcasts includes Tina Vrbnjak, Nina Ivanišin, Tamara Avguštin, Ina Puntar and Samo Kutin.  The creative team includes Mirjana Medojević (director), Eva Kraševec and Ilija Đurović (dramaturgs), Branko Hojnik (set designer), Tatjana Stanič (language consultant), Ina Puntar and Samo Kutin (composers), Nina Ivanišin, Vlado Glavan and Branko Hojnik (lighting designers). The first two repeat performances will take place on 28 September and 7 October at 20.00.  

In Female Outcasts, we encounter characters who can make us feel the most vital emotions, desires and longings that have remained unchanged over the centuries. The plot intertwines intimate narratives of suffering and internal temptations, presented and interpreted by the actors in their own individual and truly disparate ways.  

As the director Mirjana Medović put it in the theatre programme, »Šeligo is keenly interested in the magic of theatre. The current staging explores the aspect of magic that addresses the most vulnerable human features, i.e. the injured and innocent substances that are related to the instinctive response to the world. When one considers that in each one of us, whether male or female, homo ludens resides, it is the aim of the production to conjure homo ludens to the surface, and to induce somehow the innocence which is probably hidden therein. Did Šeligo constantly write about his anima which is split up into what we call characters in his creative opus?«

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