World premiere of Amelia E., based on the text The One Who Survived by Maja Gal Štromar and directed by Dorian Šilc Petek, continues the 2019/20 season on the Small Stage

We are happy to announce the upcoming world premiere of Amelia E., based on the text The One Who Survived by Maja Gal Štromar, directed by Dorian Šilc Petek and starring Zvezdana Mlakar. The monodrama The One Who Survived is an inquiry into the most crucial issues of modern individual. It was inspired by the life story of the fascinating American adventurer Amelia Earhart, a powerful and most unconventional woman who flew across the Atlantic as the first female aviator. The staged version of the text, partly co-written by Zvezdana Mlakar and director Dorian Šilec Petek, was finalized by the production creative team. It includes Darja Dominkuš (dramaturg), Sara Slivnik (set designer), Tina Bonča (costume designer), Arko (language consultant), Urša Adamič (dramaturg associate and assistant director) and Mojca Sarjaš (lighting designer). The opening will be held on Friday, 4 October 2019 at 20.00 on the Small Stage. The first repeat performance, on Saturday, 5 October at 20.00 will be followed by a post-show talk, hosted by Simona Hamer, a dramaturg and playwright, as part of the Social and Sociable programme platform. In October, you can see Amelia E. also on 26.

Amelia Earhart departed from the norms of her time considerably. She engaged in everything that was unusual or even unacceptable for women at the time. She was a woman who got a taste of fame, but experienced also hunger and contempt, a woman who dared to fly high, literally and figuratively speaking. She was a woman who, despite a common belief held a century ago, publicly claimed that women are just as brave as men. She was a woman who violated taboos and smashed patriarchal shields.

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