Brilliant seasonal gifts from Drama

You can order the products by e-mail at the following address After paying the pro forma invoice, we will post them to your home or to the recipient’s address. The postage rate is 3,90 EUR. Alternatively, you can collect your purchased items personally at the box office every working day between 12.00 and 15.00. Should you wish to treat your loved ones, your business partners, or your dearest and nearest with a gift and add your personal best wishes to the item, we can write your dedication by hand and add it to the shipment. All prices are in EUR and include 22% VAT.

Drama je. backpack

Black polyester backpack with drawstring.
Price: 7 EUR

Drama je. enamelled mug in a gift box

Handmade mug of unique appearance (475 ml), suitable for hand washing, in a gift box.
Price: 10 EUR

Drama je. face mask

Washable reusable mask with inserted wire to offer a snug and secure fit. Made in Slovenia.
Price: 5 EUR

Drama je. notebook

Spiral unruled notebook.
Price: 5 EUR

Drama je. notebook made of recycled paper

Spiral unruled notebook made of recycled paper. Available in limited quantities.
Price: 5 EUR

Drama je. pencil

Black graphite pencil with eraser.
Price: 1 EUR

Gift vouchers

Give the gift of theatre and treat yourself or your loved ones with Drama gift vouchers of value between 16, 17, 18 and 20 EUR. They can be purchased on the website

Opening broadcast of the audio play The River Children by Dane Zajc Part One, 4 November

The audio version of The River Children, a play by Dane Zajc, directed by Eva Kraševec (also acting as a dramaturg) is the opening act of a new programme platform called Audio Drama, launched by the SNT Drama Ljubljana in the current  season. The audio studio recording will be released part by part and will remain available free of charge in our audio library. Part one will be broadcast on 4 November to be followed by subsequent parts recurring every Wednesday until 9 December. The recording of audio plays performed by the outstanding members of the Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble is a project that is sponsored by the Nova Ljubljanska banka. Its support has enabled free access to the recordings to all lovers of literature and theatre. The studio recording of The River Children features Janez Škof, Maja Končar, Zvone Hribar, Vanja Plut, Eva Jesenovec, Gorazd Logar, Klemen Janežič, Valter Dragan and Vojko Zidar.

Cancellation of all performances and events from 16 October until further notice

In accordance with government measures to minimize epidemiological risks, we must cancel all performances and events from 16 October 2020 until further notice. If you require further information, do not hesitate to contact us at and or by phone (01 252 14 92 and 01 252 15 11). We hope to be allowed to reopen the doors of our venues as soon as possible and wish you to stay healthy until we meet again.  

My Husband – world premiere of the stage adaptation directed by Ivana Djilas on the Drama Main Stage from 12 to 24 October

My Husband is a production that narrates, breathes, screams and whispers through the intimate yet brutally realistic narratives of nine actresses. »I have been dreaming for a long time about a production featuring a great number of strong women, i.e. actresses I have known for a long time, not only from their stage roles, but also personally,« said Ivana Djilas. The themes that Bužarovska tackles in her works and the human qualities she draws attention to are universal ­ – insincerity, lack of communication, envy, jealousy, patriarchy. In her collection of short stories My Husband she does not talk about men or husbands, but uses her characteristic and personal style to present skilful profiles of contemporary women, who are all trapped in the shackles of various everyday relationships of the overwhelmingly patriarchal world. However, she does not reduce her literary protagonists to be the victims of men and society, but presents them as active participants in these relationships. Their thoughts, decisions and (in)actions give legitimacy to the existence of familial and social patterns that oppress them. She has created a space where women are visible and heard, not requiring them to act as protagonists of the lowest social stratum or as any other kind of female warriors; they can be everything just like men can be: ugly, stupid, corrupt, passive, unprincipled, fake, hurt, evil, prejudiced, patriarchal, engaged, smart, brave, inferior, grotesque, possessive. Reruns are scheduled from 12 to 24 October.

Coming up: the world premiere of My Husband directed by Ivana Djilas and the visit of the author Rumena Bužarovska at the Drama

My Husband, directed by Ivana Djilas, is a production based on collections of short stories My Husband and I'm Not Going Anywhere by a Macedonian writer Rumena Bužarovska. Her stories will come to life on the Main Stage by an all-female cast featuring Iva Babić, Silva Čušin, Maša Derganc, Petra Govc, Sabina Kogovšek, Saša Mihelčič, Maruša Majer, Saša Pavček and Barbara Žefran. The staged stories were adapted by Ivana Djilas and dramaturg Ana Duša who also translated the selected stories from Serbian editions. Other creative team members are Maša Kagao Knez (choreographer and assistant to the director), Klasja Kovačič  (language consultant), Sara Slivnik (set designer), Jelena Proković (costume designer), Boštjan Gombač (composer), Mojca Sarjaš (lighting designer), Nika Korenjak (student assistant to the director) and Katarina Šavs (assistant to the costume designer).

Rumena Bužarovska (b. 1981) is a Macedonian author and a literary translator who also teaches American literature at The Saints Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje. She has published four collections of short stories, most notably and critically acclaimed My Husband (2014), which was published also in Slovenian translation by Aleš Mustar (Založba Modrijan, 2016). She is an active advocate of gender equality. In her writing she constantly exposes hidden mechanisms of repression. In 2016, she was ranked among the ten best contemporary European authors at the London Book Fair. In her of short stories collection My Husband, Rumena Bužarovska does not talk about men or husbands, but uses her characteristic and personal style to present skilful profiles of contemporary women, who are all trapped in the shackles of various everyday relationships of the overwhelmingly patriarchal world. However, she does not reduce her literary protagonists to be the victims of men and society, but presents them as active participants in these relationships. Their thoughts, decisions and (in)actions give legitimacy to the existence of familial and social patterns that oppress them.

The premieres on the Main Stage on 8, 9 and 10 October at 20.00 will be followed by the first reruns from 12 to 17 October. On Wednesday, 7 October at 14.00, the author Rumena Bužarovska will attend a press conference at the Drama.

Launching a new platform Audio Plays – Dane Zajc: The River Children

In the season 2020/21 we are proud to present a new project of recording audio books interpreted by the terrific cast of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble. Our aim is to present Slovenian playwriting in its vivid immediacy, diversity and excellence. The first season of our Audio Plays sponsored by the NBL, which will allow open access to the recordings to lovers of literature and theatre, will be devoted to the plays by Dane Zajc (1929-2005). In addition to the recent anniversaries of his birth and death, the main reason for starting the project with his work is the inherent dramaturgical and language specificity of his plays. Despite their undeniable excellence they have not been staged often. Moreover, the wealth of their metaphorical and metaphysical scope allows for boundless possibility of interpretation. 

Cordially invited to the launch and presentation of the new platform on Thursday, 1 October at 19.30 in the Small Stage venue. Spend the evening in our company to hear the premiere of a stage reading of The River Children by Dane Zajc, the first play in the new Audio Plays series.

In his first play, The River Children, Zajc blends his metaphorical world with drama language in the most expressively genuine and structurally harmonious way. The play remains, alongside A Unicorn by Gregor Strniša, a unique breaking point with Slovenian playwriting  which often included poetry and intertwined it with lyricism, at least since Cankar's Fair Vida, but the 1960s introduced a completely new and inimitable approach to dramatic poetry. The cast of the audio play The River Children, opening on 1 October as a one-off stage reading performance includes Janez Škof, Maja Končar, Zvone Hribar, Vanja Plut, Eva Jesenovec, Gorazd Logar, Klemen Janežič, Valter Dragan and Vojko Zidar.

A New Race: the world premiere of a satirical play by the author and director Matjaž Zupančič

The opening act of the 2020/21 season, subtitled Flotation, will be presented in our Small Stage venue by the world premiere of A New Race, a satirical play by the author and director Matjaž Zupančič. It was his aim to offer a satirical slant on Nazism and »to present a quilting point of the idea of pure race and the notion of degenerate art«. The cast of the play includes Bojan Emeršič, Jurij Zrnec, Saša Tabaković, Barbara Cerar and Gregor Baković. Zupančič wrote the roles especially for them. The dramaturg of the world premiere and the editor of the theatre programme is Darja Dominkuš, the set designer is Janja Korun, the costume designer is Bjanka Adžić Ursulov, the choreographer is Sinja Ožbolt, the sound designer is Vanja Novak, the lighting designer is Andrej Hajdinjak, the language consultant is Jože Faganel, assistant to the director (student) is Bor Ravbar, assistant to the dramaturg (student)is Zala Norčič. A New Race will open on Friday, 25 September and on Saturday, 26 September at 20.00. The first reruns will follow on 28, 29 and 30 September, and on 1, 2 and 3 at October 20.00.

Zupančič’s latest play and staging present a satirical slant on the story of two aspiring painters, Adolf Hitler and Viktor Karlstein. They try to enrol at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna but fail in their attempt. Much later, in 1944, both are in Berlin. In the meantime, Hitler (Gregor Baković) has become the Führer, and Karlstein (Bojan Emeršič) has become a scientist who constructs two new monstrous beings, a man and a woman, for the needs of the Wehrmacht. Markus (Saša Tabaković) and Heidi (Barbara Cerar) are to be the victorious weapon at a time when the Nazis are losing on all fronts, at the same time they are Viktor's work of art. The first condition for the success of this experiment is that the parts of the bodies that make up the new creatures are of Aryan origin, which turns out to be a problem, because in 1944 there is no more pure »Aryan material« to be found in abundance Berlin, and so a fatal mistake occurs …

Count down to the opening of Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad, directed by Nina Rajić Kranjac

The opening of the 2020/21 season, entitled Floatation, will be celebrated on the Main Stage on Friday, 4 September and on Saturday, 5 September on 18.00 by the first Slovenian production of Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad. Directed by Nina Rajić Kranjac, marking her debut at the Drama, the cast of the production includes Pia Zemljič, Nataša Keser, Nejc Cijan Garlatti, Branko Šturbej, Timon Šturbej, Tina Vrbnjak, Nina Valič, Marko Mandić, Benjamin Krnetić, Boris Mihalj, Rok Vihar, Zvone Hribar and Janez Škof. The play was translated by Eva Mahkovic, the dramaturg was Tibor Hrs Pandur. Other creative team members include Urša Vidic (set designer), Branko Rožman (composer), Marina Sremac (costume designer), Borut Bučinel (lighting designer), Tatjana Stanič (language consultant), Jaka Smerkolj Simoneti (student assistant to the director) and Sara Slivnik (assistant to the set designer). The first repeat performances of Scorched will be held from 7 to 11 September, and on 25 and 26 September at 18.00 on the Main Stage.

Mouawad’s Scorched revolves around the story of three people: the enigmatic Nawal and her children, the twins, Simon and Jeanne. The harmony of their coexistence is disrupted by Nawal’s sudden loss of will to live and her adamant decision to remain silent for life, without any explanation of her motive. In her will, she entrusts her adult daughter and son with a special task: Simon must find their father, whom they thought was dead, and Jeanne must find their brother, whom they did not even know they had. What follows is a long journey to the places of their origin, replete with difficult questions and hushed-up secrets, which radically transforms Simon and Jeanne’s identities. By fulfilling this mission, they gradually get to know their mother posthumously and her past, which is revealed as a story of immeasurable courage, immeasurable capacity for love and constant traversing of frontiers.

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