Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul wins awards at the 54th Maribor Theatre Festival

The jury of the 54th Maribor Theatre Festival has presented Borštnik Awards for Acting to Nataša Barbara Gračner for the role of Emmi, and Iztok Drabik Jug for the role of Salem, and a Special Jury Award for Artistic Gesture to Sebastijan Horvat.

You can see Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, directed by Sebastijan Horvat in Fassbinderplatz (The Railway Museum) on 28 and 30 October. These are the final dates before Ali returns in spring 2020.

Plato's Symposium directed by Luka Marcen to premiere on the Small Stage

We are happy to announce the opening of the original theatre project Symposium on Friday, 18 October at 20.00 on the Small Stage. Directed by Luka Marcen, the staging after the famous Symposium by Plato, one of the key philosophical dialogues and enquiries on love, is part of the Waiting for Superman programme section. Co-produced by the SNT Drama Ljubljana and the AGRFT (Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana), the cast of the production includes Petra Govc, Lucija Harum, Maja Končar, Ana Pavlin, Nina Valič, Nika Vidic and Barbara Žefran. Other creative team members include Tery Žeželj (dramaturg), Sara Slivnik (set designer), Ana Janc (costume designer), Martin Vogrin (composer), Kristina Anželj (language consultant), Aja Zupanec (choreographer) and Vlado Glavan (lighting designer). The first repeat performance will take place on Saturday, 19 October at 20.00 on the Small Stage.

In the course of the rehearsal process, the creators of the original theatre project Symposium investigated the rules and characteristics of love. Just like Plato they gradually arrived at the conclusion that love defies defining since we know too little about it. People are marked by a series of romantic ideals, phrases that vividly describe the feelings of love, as well as by stories, fairy tales and poems, defining our expectations and understanding of the feeling, with specific narratives used to inscribe personal stories in our own memory … Therefore, the authors of the staging decided to draw primarily from an assortment of various endless stories written by love, since individuals need them to understand better themselves and others.

International co-production Conversations about Love directed by Jernej Lorenci opens on the Main Stage

We are pleased to announce the opening of Conversations about Love, an international co-production, an original theatre project to be held on Saturday, 12 October at 20.00 on the Main Stage. The authors of the text are the creators of the staging. The project has been workshopped as an inquiry into the topic of love in various social, linguistic and cultural contexts.  The international cast includes Janez Škof, Maruša Majer and Zvezdana Novaković (Slovenia); Jelena Laban, Karmen Bardak and Srđan Grahovac (Montenegro); Barbara Folchitto and Daniele Gaggianesi (Italy), and Krist Lleshi and Matia Llupa (Albania).

The creative team includes Jernej Lorenci (director), Matic Starina (dramaturg), Branko Hojnik (set designer), Belinda Radulović (costume designer), Branko Rožman (composer), Gregor Luštek (choreographer), Jernej Lorenci, Branko Hojnik and Juš Zidar (lighting designers), Tatjana Stanič (language consultant), Zvezdana Novaković (répétiteur and vocal coach), Juš Zidar (assistant to the director and producer), and Bernarda Popelar Lesjak (assistant to the costume designer). Previewing on 11 October at 19.00, the opening night will be followed by repeat performances on 14, 15, 16 and 18 October at 19.00, and on 17 October at 17.00, and on 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 November at 19.00.  

The co-production between the SNT Drama Ljubljana and the Royal Theatre Zetski dom is part of the international project ADNICH, and was done in two parts, first in Slovenia and then in Montenegro. The opening in Cetinje, Montenegro took place on 14 September. Opening nights in Italy and Albania as well as international tours are forthcoming.

World premiere of Amelia E., based on the text The One Who Survived by Maja Gal Štromar and directed by Dorian Šilc Petek, continues the 2019/20 season on the Small Stage

We are happy to announce the upcoming world premiere of Amelia E., based on the text The One Who Survived by Maja Gal Štromar, directed by Dorian Šilc Petek and starring Zvezdana Mlakar. The monodrama The One Who Survived is an inquiry into the most crucial issues of modern individual. It was inspired by the life story of the fascinating American adventurer Amelia Earhart, a powerful and most unconventional woman who flew across the Atlantic as the first female aviator. The staged version of the text, partly co-written by Zvezdana Mlakar and director Dorian Šilec Petek, was finalized by the production creative team. It includes Darja Dominkuš (dramaturg), Sara Slivnik (set designer), Tina Bonča (costume designer), Arko (language consultant), Urša Adamič (dramaturg associate and assistant director) and Mojca Sarjaš (lighting designer). The opening will be held on Friday, 4 October 2019 at 20.00 on the Small Stage. The first repeat performance, on Saturday, 5 October at 20.00 will be followed by a post-show talk, hosted by Simona Hamer, a dramaturg and playwright, as part of the Social and Sociable programme platform. In October, you can see Amelia E. also on 26.

Amelia Earhart departed from the norms of her time considerably. She engaged in everything that was unusual or even unacceptable for women at the time. She was a woman who got a taste of fame, but experienced also hunger and contempt, a woman who dared to fly high, literally and figuratively speaking. She was a woman who, despite a common belief held a century ago, publicly claimed that women are just as brave as men. She was a woman who violated taboos and smashed patriarchal shields.

Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul is the big winner of the 53rd Bitef

Directed by Sebastijan Horvat, Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul, a stage adaptation of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s famous film, won the following awards of the 53rd Belgrade International Theatre Festival Bitef: Grand Prix for best production, the Newspaper Politika Award for best direction, and the Audience Award for best production.

The cast of the production that premiered in the season 2018/19 includes Nataša Barbara Gračner, Iztok Drabik Jug, Barbara Žefran, Mitja Lovše, Borut Doljšak, Damjana Černe, Eva Jesenovec, Nik Škrlec/Gregor Podričnik, Saša Mihelčič, Tamara Avguštin and Vojko Zidar. Your chance to see it in Ljubljana, Fassbinderplatz (The Railway Museum) is on 9, 10, 11, 28 and 30 October. These are the final dates before Ali returns in springtime 2020.

The world premiere of Female Outcasts, original theatre project after Rudi Šeligo’s writings, directed by Mirjana Medojević, formally opens the season entitled Love on the Small Stage

The first premiere of the 2019/20 season on the Small Stage will take place on Friday, 27 September at 20.00. Female Outcasts is an original theatre project after the writings by the great Slovenian playwright Rudi Šeligo. The authors of the adaptation are the creators of the staging, a genuine testimony of ourselves, in fact, of those parts within us that can be called spaces of the soul. A space of the soul is also a place of a (theatre) ritual. The cast of Female Outcasts includes Tina Vrbnjak, Nina Ivanišin, Tamara Avguštin, Ina Puntar and Samo Kutin.  The creative team includes Mirjana Medojević (director), Eva Kraševec and Ilija Đurović (dramaturgs), Branko Hojnik (set designer), Tatjana Stanič (language consultant), Ina Puntar and Samo Kutin (composers), Nina Ivanišin, Vlado Glavan and Branko Hojnik (lighting designers). The first two repeat performances will take place on 28 September and 7 October at 20.00.  

In Female Outcasts, we encounter characters who can make us feel the most vital emotions, desires and longings that have remained unchanged over the centuries. The plot intertwines intimate narratives of suffering and internal temptations, presented and interpreted by the actors in their own individual and truly disparate ways.  

As the director Mirjana Medović put it in the theatre programme, »Šeligo is keenly interested in the magic of theatre. The current staging explores the aspect of magic that addresses the most vulnerable human features, i.e. the injured and innocent substances that are related to the instinctive response to the world. When one considers that in each one of us, whether male or female, homo ludens resides, it is the aim of the production to conjure homo ludens to the surface, and to induce somehow the innocence which is probably hidden therein. Did Šeligo constantly write about his anima which is split up into what we call characters in his creative opus?«

Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul at the 53rd Belgrade International Theatre Festival Bitef

The Drama Ljubljana is the only Slovenian representative at the 53rd Belgrade International Theatre Festival Bitef with two performances of Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul, a stage adaptation of Fassbinder’s famous film Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, adapted by Milan Marković Matthis and directed by Sebastijan Horvat. Praised highly as one of the most intriguing and ground-breaking productions of the season 2018/18 in Slovenia, both by the audience and the critics, the production was presented at Belgrade Port on 23 and 24 September at 20.00. The cast included Nataša Barbara Gračner, Iztok Drabik Jug, Eva Jesenovec, Tamara Avguštin, Saša Mihelčič, Barbara Žefran, Mitja Lovše, Borut Doljšak, Damjana Černe, Vojko Zidar and Gregor Podričnik.

The Belgrade preview of Ali was meet with thunderous applause and standing ovations as well as with rapturous feelings of warmth, shared by the audience and the cast. The festival premiere was attended by the festival jury members, members of the media and selectors of several prominent international festivals. Both performances of Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul sparked enormous interest of Serbian and international theatre goers. The tickets were sold out well in advance, disappointing many. The next stops of Ali on tour will be in Maribor at the Theatre Festival with two performances featuring in the core competition programme, and in Zagreb at the Zagreb Youth Theatre. Your chance to catch up on Ali in Ljubljana, Fassbinderplatz (The Railway Museum) is on 9, 10, 11, 28 and 30 October. These are the only dates before Ali returns in springtime 2020.

Oscar Wilde's Salome returns to the Main Stage after a century in a new staging by Eduard Miler

The first opening night of the current season entitled Love will take place on the Main Stage on Saturday, 21 September at 20.00. We will present Salome, a symbolist poetic play by the famous Irish author, playwright, essayist and critic Oscar Wilde, adapted by dramaturg Žanina Mirčevska and directed by Eduard Miler. The play, dealing with a decline of civilizations and empires, and the moment when humanity is at the crossroads between spirituality and sensuality, was translated from French by Primož Vitez. The cast includes Polona Juh, Igor Samobor, Gregor Baković, Alojz Svete, Robert Korošec/Andraž Harauer, Gal Oblak, Valter Dragan, Matija Rozman, Boris Mihalj, Zvone Hribar, Gorazd Logar, and Andraž Harauer and Matic Valič (alternates). Other members of the creative team were Atej Tutta (set and video designer), Leo Kulaš (costume designer), Eduard Miler (music selection), Maša Kagao Knez (choreographer), Špela Ema Veble (make-up artist), Andrej Hajdinjak (lighting designer), Arko (language consultant and editor of the theatre programme) and Lara Kulaš (assistant costume designer). Previewing on 20 September at 19.30, the production will run every night from 23 to 28 September at 19.30.

Written by Wilde in an inspired creative flash of a single day in French in Paris in 1891, Salome is based on biblical content, but the author reworked it and introduced possibilities for different interpretations of the plot. In England, at that time, it was forbidden to present biblical characters on stage, so Salome was initially staged at private events only. At the Drama Ljubljana, Salome has only been staged twice: the first Slovenian staging took place in the 1905/6 season, directed by Adolf Dobrovolni (the Drama at that time operated under the name of the Provincial Theatre in Ljubljana) and in the 1919/20 season when the production was directed by Osip Šest (the theatre was then officially called the Royal Slovenian Theatre Ljubljana - Drama).

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