The world premiere of A Holy Man, a new play by Mile Korun (2 December)

The SNT Drama jubilee season, marking the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Ljubljana Dramatic Society, continues with the upcoming world premiere of A Holy Man, a new play by the famous Slovenian director Mile Korun. Directed by Matjaž Zupančič, the world premiere of Korun's play, subtitled A Post-bourgeois Playlet, will open on Saturday, 2 December at 20.00 on the Main Stage. The play combines the author's signature ironical world view with postmodern, as well as absurd, ludic and satirical dialogues, to stage a story of a disintegrating bourgeois family. The members of this utterly disoriented family, bereft of any sense of purpose, the members of the so-called »post-bourgeoisie«, are enacted by Silva Čušin, Vanja Plut, Saša Pavček, Barbara Cerar, Pia Zemljič, Jurij Zrnec, Gregor Baković, Gorazd Logar, Aleš Valič, Primož Vrhovec and Rok Vihar.

The world premiere of Brave New World at the Small Stage venue (1 December)

We are pleased to present the world premiere of Brave New World, a play after the eponymous novel by Aldous Huxley, stage adapted and directed by Barbara Pia Jenič, which is to open on 1 December at 20.00 at the Drama Small Stage. The cast of this futuristic co-production of Drama and Senzorium, together with the Osum Association and the University of Nova Gorica  ̶  School of Arts, and with the financial support of the Department of Culture of Municipality of Ljubljana, includes two Drama resident ensemble members, Nik Škrlec (in the roles of John the Savage and John the Savage’s clone) and Petra Govc (as Lenina Crowne and Linda Disney), and, additionally,  featuring in the video footage, Aljaž Jovanović (Bernie Watson), Boris Mihalj (Dr. Shaw), Uroš Fürst (Thomas), Rok Vihar (Bernard Marx), and Tadej Toš (Mustapha Mond) appearing in the hologram. 

The world premiere of Brave New World, a stage adaptation of the famous novel by Aldous Huxley, brings together a text-based and sensorial theatre. In terms of staging conventions, it highlights the inner life of the viewers and their experience. It is Barbara Pia Jenič, the director of the current production, who has been the driving force behind sensorial theatre in Slovenia for many years. Jenič, the managing and artistic director of Senzorium, is the author of the first sensorial theatre production presented at the Slovenian National Theatre Drama, being the first Slovenian production involving holograms, which makes it a rarity also internationally.

The world premiere of the first stage adaptation of Peter Klepec, a Slovenian legend, opens on Saturday, 18 November

Peter Klepec or How to Become a True Hero, a play for children, will premiere on the Drama Main Stage on Saturday, November 18 at 17.00. Maja Sever and Eva Kraševec are the authors of a stage adaptation based on the motifs of a legend of Peter Klepec. They drew their inspiration for the upcoming staging from a well-known fairy tale about a shepherd who acquires miraculous powers, as well as from a tale by France Bevk. However, the stage adaptation and the ensuing production rely primarily on a contemporary experience of a children's play, with the emphasis on what it means to have one’s sincere desire fulfilled, and on the ethical use of power. This allowed the authors to suggest their answers to the question of what it means to be a true hero. The production which is Maja Sever’s directorial debut includes the following cast: Nik Škrlec, Eva Jesenovec, Maja Končar, Zvone Hribar, Mia Skrbinac, Gašper Jarni and Gašper Kunšek. Other creative team members are Eva Kraševec (dramaturg), Barbara Stupica (set, costume and puppet designer), Milko Lazar (stage music composer), Tatjana Stanič (language consultant), Žigan Kranjčan and Gašper Kunšek (stage movement directors), Mojca Sarjaš and Metod Novak (lighting designers), Luka Marcen (assistant to the director). Together they have created a visually stunning and sound-rich production that aims to bring the magic of theatre close to the (young) audiences.

The opening of the Performing Arts Centre of the University of Guadalajara: the Ljubljana performance of Faust pays tribute to Tomaž Pandur in Mexico

Faust, a big co-production of SNT Drama Ljubljana and Ljubljana Festival directed by Tomaž Pandur, which has seen numerous tours in Europe, Asia and South America in the two years after its premiere with more than 30 000 spectators in Slovenia and abroad, shall celebrate its 60th repeat performance during its second tour in Mexico.

During the opening ceremonial of the Performing Arts Centre of the University of Guadalajara (El Conjunto de Artes Escénicas de la Universidad de Guadalajara) which opened the doors of the first out of four astonishing state-of-the-art auditoriums with a jubilee concert by Placido Domingo on the 21st October, one of the most eminent Mexican and Latin-American cultural venues is preparing homage to Tomaž Pandur, a highly-appraised Slovenian theatre director. The performance of Faust on Thursday, 2nd November, and Friday, 3rd November at 20.30 will be followed by Immaculata performed by SNT Drama Maribor. The Slovenian theatre event in Guadalajara shall be complemented by a photo exhibition of the rich Pandur’s theatre oeuvre captured by Aljoša Rebolj, photographer, during the last twelve years of his co-operation with Tomaž Pandur. In March, the University of Guadalajara intends to publish a special monograph dedicated to Tomaž Pandur and his theatre art.

Damir Avdić received Borštnik Award for Best Original Composition in Antigone

At the 52nd Maribor Theatre Festival, Damir Avdić received Borštnik Award for Best Original Composition in Antigone directed by Eduard Miller.

Congratulations also to Nik Škrlec, member of the Drama ensemble for having received Borštnik Award for Young Actor for the role of Hans Schnier in Powerlessness directed by Primož Ekart and produced by Imaginarno and Mini Teater.

Saša Pavček is the recipient of Borštnik Ring 2017

This year's recipient of Borštnik Ring is actress Saša Pavček, a leading lady of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble. An academically trained theatre and film actress, poet, essayist and playwright, Pavček is also a full professor at the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana, where she graduated in 1983. She also trained in Paris and appeared at Théâtre Arcane. Since 1985 she has been a member of the Drama Ljubljana resident ensemble. A recipient of numerous national prizes (awarded by the Maribor Theatre Festival, the Prešeren Fund, the Stane Sever Fund, respectively, and two Gracious Comedian awards), Pavček has appeared in over 120 theatre, film and television roles, and continues to be a pillar of classical and modern repertoire. The most distinguished Slovenian award for acting achievements will be presented to Pavček during a closing ceremony of the 52nd Maribor Theatre Festival on Sunday, 29 October in Maribor.

Boris Cavazza is the recipient of the Bert Prize 2017 for lifetime achievement in film acting

Members of the Slovenian Directors Association will present Boris Cavazza, a Slovenian theatre and film actor, a retired member of the SNT Drama Ljubljana ensemble, the Bert Prize. The ceremony will take place on Thursday, 23 November 2017 at the Slovenian Cinematheque. The prize is named after a legendary Slovenian actor Bert Sotlar (1921-1992). To quote from a statement by the judging panel: »If anyone at all, it is Boris Cavazza himself, who needn’t worry if any forthcoming film challenges are still in store for him, despite the fact that his impressive film (as well as theatre, radio and television) career has spanned over no less than five decades. However, he seems as timeless as ever, and his vitality continues to be taken for granted; it is his gaze that appears as if he possessed countless clues to all the spirits he inhabits while he is being watched by the audience. And we have watched him indeed, with enormous pleasure and passion and pride, since the early beginnings of his career in titles such as Passion According to Mathew, The Widowhood of Karolina Žašler, and Real Pests, as well as in recent ones, such as The Case of Feliks Langus, Short Circuits, Personal Luggage, and in his numerous bravura short film appearances. Boris Cavazza has never needed to take off his mask of greatness or discard it, since he has never needed one in the first place  ̶  it takes the greatest personalities only to know that it is enough to be simply human with a human face.«

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