Janez Škof is the recipient of Borštnik Ring 2018

»When watching Janez Škof on stage, he appears to be acting with incredible lightness and ease, while at the same time he seems to fill up the entire space with his energy and presence. Sometimes he impresses us with minimalism in expression, sometimes with ludism, sometimes with astounding comic acting, and with tiny, but original and extremely witty ideas. His acting is enormously meticulous and analytical, and yet it seems to be derived from an internal impulse, or from a highly refined instinct. Undisputedly, acting is in Janez Škof’s veins. This is why it is hardly surprising that he has, in the course of his career, created many characters that are still considered anthological and are vividly remembered even after twenty, thirty or more years. Having said that, he has preserved and is constantly elevating the vivacity of his acting expression, and remains as curios, probing and playful as ever.« (From the supporting award rationale by Tea Rogelj, M.A.) 

The most prestigious Slovenian award for acting achievements will be presented to the laureate during a closing ceremony of the 53rd Maribor Theatre Festival, held from 15 to 28 October 2018 in Maribor.

Emilia Galotti by Lessing returns to Drama after 120 years

In the run-up to the opening night of Emilia Galotti, the second production of our 2018/19 repertoire on the Main Stage, we held a press conference at the Goethe Institute in Ljubljana earlier today, presenting the upcoming staging. The first and so far the only production of this classical play in Slovenia was presented in 1898 at the Provincial Theatre in Ljubljana, directed by Rudolf Inemann. The director of the revival of the famous play by the great German Enlightenment author Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, translated by Mojca Kranjc, is a Belgrade director Igor Vuk Torbica, thus making his debut at Drama. Maruša Majer in the title role of Emilia Galotti also presents herself for the first time as the new member of our resident ensemble. She is joined by her colleagues Aljaž Jovanović, Janez Škof, Matjaž Tribušon, Petra Govc, Maša Derganc, Nik Škrlec, Tadej Toš and Benjamin Krnetić (as guest). The production team of Emilia Galotti includes Katarina Pejović (dramaturg) Branko Hojnik (set designer), Bjanka Adžić Ursulov (costume designer), Alen Sinkauz and Nenad Sinkauz (composers), Pascal Mérat (lighting designer), Arko (language consultant) and Gaja Pöschl (assistant dramaturg). The play, previewing on Friday, 5 October at 19.30, opens on Saturday, 6 October at 20.00.

Lessing’s domestic tragedy Emilia Galotti is a play about a girl who decides to cause her own death because she feels trapped between the internalized patriarchal conventions of the ultra-Catholic Italian society of the 18th century and the forced disclosure of her own forbidden instincts. Emilia experiences a major split between the values of her father Odoardo Galotti (Matjaž Tribušon), which she herself has socially internalized, and the attractive, other and different world, represented by a seductive Hettore Gonzaga, Prince of Guastalla (Aljaž Jovanović). Suppressing her passion is Emily’s great virtue and also her strength, so the female protagonist opts for a tragic ending in order not to compromise her father’s honour under the pressure of false bourgeois morals, and also because she comes to realize that in the existing social system neither her father’s nor the prince’s worlds enable her, a woman, any positive outcome.  

A world premiere of a contemporary drama opera The Little Wire Girl opens the new season 2018/19 on the Small Stage

The Little Wire Girl, the first contemporary drama opera, co-produced by the SNT Drama Ljubljana and the Moving Music Theatre from Bitola, Macedonia, is authored by Marjan Nečak, an acclaimed Macedonian musician and theatre maker, and a well-known Croatian writer and playwright Maja Hrgović. A famous Macedonian poet Ana Bunteska wrote the poems for the staging, performed live by Barbara Cerar and Uroš Fürst, principal actors of the Drama resident ensemble. With the world premiere of this contemporary and very topical play about a female musician, travelling by train across Europe in search of her place, Marjan Nečak presents himself for the first time to the Slovenian audience not only as a director, but also as a composer, stage and lighting designer. Members of the production team include Darja Dominkuš (dramaturg and translator), Nataša Filipović (costume designer), Tatjana Stanič (language consultant), Marin Lukanović (video) and Žigan Krajnčan (choreographer). The play opens on Friday, 28 September at 20.00 on the Small Stage. Today's press conference was held on a train, courtesy of the Slovenian Rail.

The first Slovenian production of Thieves by the acclaimed author Dea Loher opens the new season

The world premiere of Thieves in the Berlin-based Deutsches Theater was soon followed by productions in many foreign countries. Previewing on Friday, 21 September, the play will premiere on Saturday, 22 September on the Main Stage as the opening production of the season 2018/18 entitled Intimacy, focusing on individuals and their intimate experiences of the world and society. Thieves, directed by Ivana Djilas, presents intertwined stories of twelve individuals played by Jurij Zrnec, Nina Valič, Aleš Valič, Rok Vihar, Vanja Plut, Bojan Emeršič, Saša Pavček, Gregor Baković, Eva Jesenovec, Saša Mihelčič, Boris Mihalj and Silva Čušin. The play was translated into Slovenian by Mojca Kranjc. The production team includes Branko Hojnik (set designer), Jelena Proković (costume designer), Boštjan Gombač (composer), Maša Kagao Knez (choreographer and assistant to director), Tatjana Stanič (language consultant), Vesna Krebs (video designer), Branko Hojnik and Mojca Sarjaš (lighting designers) Katarina Šavs (assistant to costume designer).

In her work, Dea Loher often addresses a question of how to live which is almost impossible to answer. Using humor, bordering on the absurd, Loher deals in Thieves with issues such as identity crisis, loneliness, mutual personal relations and the meaning of life. The play and the staging present stories of fragile individual destinies, inexplicable acts and a complex mixture of emotions at the borderline of reason, opening up a reflection on everyday life of a modern individual. According to the author, thieves are a metaphor for people »sneaking surreptitiously through their own lives, with caution and fear, as if none of it were theirs, as if they had no right to dwell in it«. Thieves are people who live without being really alive.

The 5th Drama Festival featuring 24 events over 6 days to open shortly

As a final grand act of the theatre season 2017/18 we are pleased to announce the impending opening of the 5th Drama Festival held from 26 to 31 May 2018. The current festival edition is dedicated to the great Slovenian actor and artist Jernej Šugman who sadly passed away last December. For three decades he made an indelible impression and contribution to Slovenian culture and its recognition in the international arena. He will remain forever an unforgettable member of the Drama ensemble. Paying tribute to Jernej Šugman, the festival features nine high-profile performances on the Main Stage, the Small Stage and the Left Stage, including two festival opening productions, stagings by Slovenian National Theatres, acclaimed productions by international theatre companies, as well as a lecture, post-show talks and two concerts. The diverse, thought-provoking and international festival programme (performances will be provided with Slovenian and English surtitles) revolves around the individual and his/her power in contemporary world.  

Mary’s Tears after Prežihov Voranc, directed by Dorian Šilec Petek ̶ Drama Laboratory

As part of Waiting for Superman, Drama Laboratory platform, we present the staging of Mary’s Tears after the motifs by Prežihov Voranc, directed by Dorian Šilec Petek. Mary’s Tears is a collection of eleven short short stories by the Slovenian writer Lovro Kuhar   ̶  Prežihov Voranc. The collection, considered his final work of fiction, was first published in 1949, and was dedicated to his mother. The creative team of the staging, featuring the actors Vojko Zidar, Zvezdana Mlakar, Mia Skrbinac and Nejc Cijan Garlatti, includes the dramaturg Jaka Smerkolj, the costume designer Tina Bonča and the lighting designer Mojca Sarjaš. The opening on Friday, 25 May at 22.00 on the Left Stage will be followed by repeat performances on 27 and 28 May at 22.00 as part of the 5th Drama Festival.

The 5th Drama Festival to highlight the final week of May 2018

The 5th Drama Festival will take place from 26 to 31 May at the SNT Drama Ljubljana. The current festival edition will be dedicated to the great Slovenian actor and artist Jernej Šugman who sadly passed away last December. For three decades he made an indelible impression and contribution to Slovenian culture and its recognition in the international arena. He will remain forever an unforgettable member of the Drama ensemble. To pay tribute to Jernej Šugman, the festival will feature nine high-profile performances on its Main Stage and on the Small Stage, two of which will be opening productions presented by the SNT Drama Ljubljana: A Girl with Strings directed by the Macedonian director Marjan Nečak, and a stage declaration by Polona Vetrih Don’t Forget the Flowers directed by Ivana Djilas. Alongside two productions by the Slovenian National Theatres Maribor and Nova Gorica, the festival line-up will include the productions by the Hungarian theatre Újvidéki Színház / Novi Sad Theatre, Zagreb Youth Theatre, the Royal Theatre Zetski dom Cetinje, and an acclaimed co-production by the Belgrade National Theatre and the Bitef Theatre directed by Jernej Lorenci. The festival programme will be accompanied by lectures, post-show talks and two concerts. The opening concert will be given by the Trieste-based group The Authentics, while the closing of the festival will take place in the rhythms of the much-admired Slovenian group Čompe.

We kindly invite you to attend a press conference on Thursday, 24 May at 10.00 to launch the 5th  Drama Festival and the opening of the Šugman Salon (directly above the Drama Café).

Repertoire 2018/19

Main Stage

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Emilia Galotti
Director Igor Vuk Torbica

Dea Loher Thieves
Director Ivana Djilas

Ivo Svetina In the Name of the Mother
Director Ivica Buljan

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov Ivanov
Director Aleksandar Popovski

Rainer Werner Fassbinder Ali
Director Sebastijan Horvat

Heinrich von Kleist The Broken Jug
Director Vito Taufer

Small Stage

Marjan Nečak, Maja Hrgović A Girl with Strings
Director Marjan Nečak

Co-produced by Moving Music Theatre, Bitola, Macedonia

Stephen Karam The Humans
Director Nina Šorak

Nebojša Pop-Tasić Wake 
Director Mare Bulc

Duncan Macmillan Lungs
Director Žiga Divjak

We reserve the right to change the repertoire.  

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