A weekend of premieres: People's Democratic Circus Sakeshvili and Antigone

A new Slovenian play, People's Democratic Circus Sakeshvili, will open on Friday, 27 January at 20.00 on the Small Stage. The play, written by Rok Vilčnik rokgre, which won the Grum Award 2016, is directed by Luka Martin Škof. The Sakeshvilis on stage are Gregor Baković, Maša Derganc, Boris Mihalj and Klemen Slakonja. The Sakeshvili state has all the characteristics of a rock-solid totalitarian state; it is hampered by a severe shortage, everything is strictly regulated and rationed, not only material things, but also good fortune, let alone masturbation.

The ancient Greek tragedy Antigone will open on Saturday, 28 January at 20.00 on the Main Stage. Translated by Kajetan Gantar and adapted by Žanina Mirčevska, it is directed by Eduard Miler. Nina Ivanišin appears in the title role with Jurij Zrnec (Creon, the ruler of Thebes), Iva Babić (Ismene), Nik Škrlec (Haemon), Saša Pavček (Tiresias), Vanja Plut (Guard), and Damir Avdić, the composer of the production, in the role of Chorus. The creators inquire to whom or what Antigone’s opposition is aimed at today, and whether her decision for love can jam the mechanism of the world, driven by hatred.

Pre-opening presentation of People's Democratic Circus Sakeshvili and Antigone (25 January at 14.00)

On Wednesday, 25 January at 14.00 you are cordially invited to the Drama café to hear about the making of our forthcoming new productions, People's Democratic Circus Sakeshvili and Antigone, which will open the following weekend ((27 and 28 January). The former, a ludic grotesque People's Democratic Circus Sakeshvili (The Grum Award 2016) by Slovenian playwright and versatile author Rok Vilčnik rokgre will open on the Small Stage, directed by Luka Martin Škof. The Main Stage will see the opening of Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone, adapted by Žanina Mirčevska and directed by Eduard Miler. The presentation will be attended by both directors, Rok Vilčnik, Žanina Mirčevska, the cast and other members of both creative teams.

A big co-production of War and Peace to preview tonight in the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom

»Allow me to invite you to enter the rich and expansive world of the novel War and Peace in few hours. It is its sheer length that is the novel’s source of beauty. Its storyline is impossible to summarize. It is full of tenderness and cruelty. Its message: war and peace that we are talking about are both of the same material. There is no war without peace. Peace is born out the war and already contains its metastases.« Silviu Purcărete
Silviu Purcărete is world renowned Romanian director who lives in France and works in the most prestigious opera and theater houses. Tonight, the best Slovenian actors and Purcărete’s permanent artistic team will present a preview of the greatest novel ever written on the magnificent stage of Cankarjev dom.  

The theatre is a place where one plays, learns and creates, and where unique stories are born all the time. May we discover them together throughout the new year. Happy new year 2017!

Merlin or The Waste Land, the first Slovenian production of Tankred Dorst’s theatre epic, directed by Aleksandar Popovski (Press conference on 5 December)

You are cordially invited to join us on Monday, 5 December at 10.00 at the Drama Café to hear about the making of the first Slovenian production of Tankred Dorst’s theatre epic Merlin or The Waste Land. Directed by Aleksandar Popovski, the impressive theatre fresco on the Main Stage presents heroic legends from the myth of King Arthur and The Knights of the Round Table.

The cast includes Barbara Cerar (Merlin), Silva Čušin (The Devil), Tina Vrbnjak (Young king Arthur; Sir Kay), Branko Šturbej (Sir Kay; King Arthur), Tadej Toš (The Clown), Saša Mihelčič (The giantess Hanne; Herzeloide), Saša Pavlin Stošić (Guinevere), Klemen Janežič (Sir Lancelot), Filip Samobor (Percival), Rok Vihar (Sir Gawain), Matija Rozman (Sir Lamorak), Gašper Jarni (Sir Orilus) and Matic Lukšič (Sir Mordred).

Preview on Tuesday, 6 December at 19.30, premiere on Wednesday, 7 December at 20.00. First repeat performances on 16 and 17 December at 18.00, and on 19 December at 19.30.

Faust, directed by Tomaž Pandur, opens the 5th edition of the Interferences International Theatre Festival in Cluj tonight

Faust, co-produced by the SNT Drama Ljubljana and the Ljubljana Festival, directed by Tomaž Pandur, is the opening performance of the 5th edition of the Interferences International Theatre Festival, organized every two years by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. This year's edition, themed »The Stranger’s Odyssey«, will take place from 24 November and 4 December and will present 50 events, including 22 theatre performances from 14 countries (Ireland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Germany, South Korea, Luxembourg, Italy, Russia, Great Britain, USA, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Poland) in 13 languages. The primary festival programme consists of theatre productions, as well as of discussions on guest performances, panel discussions on theatre, theatre installations, literary presentations, film screenings and concerts. Pandur’s Faust, the opening and the only Slovenian production at the festival, will be attended by almost 900 people on 24 November at 19.00 in the Main Hall of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj.

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