Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz

The Crazy Locomotive

Original Title:Szalona lokomotywa

First Slovene Production


Jernej Lorenci

  • Translator
    Darja Dominkuš
  • Composer
    Branko Rožman
  • Dramaturg
    Eva Kraševec
  • Set designer
    Branko Hojnik
  • Costume designer
    Belinda Radulović
  • Choreographer
    Gregor Luštek
  • Lighting designer
    Pascal Mérat
  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • Assistant director
    Eva Kokalj


The Crazy Locomotive, which Witkacy wrote in 1923, is one of his shortest and most powerful plays. Two master criminals, Prince Tréfaldi and his associate Travaillac, who have been masquerading as a railroad engineer and his fireman, seize control of a locomotive and resolve to smash it into another train at high speed in order to bring about "God’s Judgement," a cataclysm on a cosmic scale, and experience the Mystery of Existence. When Sophia, the engineer’s wife, and Julia, the fireman’s fiancée, join their men aboard the fast-moving train, unforeseen sexual complications arise, and the demonic Sophia is thrown bodily out of the locomotive. Then the appearance of the conductor, passengers, and the banal reality which Tréfaldi and Travaillac had hoped to flee totally destroys the purity of their metaphysical journey through space. The tracks cannot take them out of this world into another dimension, but only along a predictable route to known human disaster and into the hands of the authorities. In its handling of dynamic tensions and accelerating tempos, The Crazy Locomotive is one of Witkacy’s masterpieces, showing the playright’s ability to find a telling theatrical image and develop its multiple associations for maximum effect.
(D. Gerould)

International festival

Mednarodni festival

Opening night

15 September 2012 Small Stage


90 minutes


  • Grand Prix of the 48th Maribor Theatre Festival

  • Aljaž Jovanović

    Slovenian Association of Dramatic Artists’ Award 2012 for the role of Nicholas Slobok

  • Jernej Lorenci
    Prešeren Fund Award for Directing

  • Branko Rožman
    Borštnik Award for Music

  • Jernej Lorenci
    The Anđelko Štimac Award for the best director

  • Tina Vrbnjak

    The Veljko Maričić Award for the best young actress


  • 48th Maribor Theatre Festival (2013)

  • 22nd International Theatre Festival “Varna Summer”, Bulgaria (2014)

  • Tampere Theatre Festival, Finland (2014)

  • 48th Bitef – Belgrade International Theatre Festival, Belgrade, Serbia (2014)

  • 4th TEART International Forum in Minsk, Belarus (2014)

  • 25th Festival of Croatian Drama “Days of Marko Marulić”, Split, Croatia (2015)

  • 8th TESZT 2015 – Euroregional Theatre Festival Timişoara, Romania (2015)

  • 2015 Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Daehakro Arts Theatre, Seoul, South Korea (2015)

  • 23rd International Small Scene Theatre Festival Rijeka, Croatia (2016)

  • 56th Ohrid Summer Festival, Ohrid, Macedonia (2016)

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