Maja Haderlap

Angel of Oblivion

Original Title:Engel des Vergessens

First Production


Igor Pison

  • Translator
    Štefan Vevar
  • Author of adaption
    Igor Pison
  • Dramaturg
    Eva Kraševec
  • Set designer
    Petra Veber
  • Costume designer
    Belinda Radulović
  • Composer
    Laren Polič Zdravič
  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • LIGHTING designers
    Petra Veber, Igor Pison


Poet and dramaturg Maja Haderlap wrote a novel Angel of Oblivion (2011) which with an intimate poetical language tells a story about the meaning of the Partisan movement in Carinthia in Austria. The author’s memory takes us on a journey through the landscapes and time, a journey which changes the way and consciousness of the life of people living in the area of Eisenkappel. The outstanding importance and value of the novel have been acknowledged by numerous awards and reprints.
"... You know, the best thing to do if you’re scared in the forest is sing Partisan songs."
Maja Haderlap

Opening night

14 March 2014 Small Stage


100 minutes


  • Janez Škof

    Borštnik Award for Actor

  • Barbara Cerar

    Borštnik Award for Actress


  • 49th Maribor Theatre Festival (2014)

  • 45th Week of Slovenian Drama, Kranj (2015)

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