The Iliad

Original Title:Ἰλιάς

First production of the adaption


Jernej Lorenci

  • Co-producers
    Mestno gledališče ljubljansko, Cankarjev dom
  • Translator
    Anton Sovrè
  • Adaption
    Jernej Lorenci, Matic Starina, Eva Mahkovic
  • Dramaturgs
    Eva Mahkovic, Matic Starina
  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • Set designer
    Branko Hojnik
  • Costume designer
    Belinda Radulović
  • Composer
    Branko Rožman
  • Choreographer
    Gregor Luštek
  • Lighting designer
    Pascal Mérat
  • Assistant director
    Gregor Luštek
  • Assistant set designer
    Eva Brvar Ravnikar
  • Assistant to composer
    Zvezdana Novaković

The famous epic story of Homer, written between the 8th and 7th centuries BC, is one of the oldest artworks of Western literature. This canonical text is embedded in the foundations of European and global cultural awareness. The tales from Greek mythology, which are an integral part of this epic story, still speak out to the modern man, or better yet, still portray us. Although this ancient epic story about the Trojan War is well known and a part of the school curricula, and through film and other adaptations also a part of popular culture, it rarely finds its way to the stage. Director Jernej Lorenci tackled the demanding adaptation of the epic story for the theatre. He is one of the most interesting theatre artists in Slovenia at the moment as evident from the number of resounding performances and numerous awards received.

Opening night

24 January 2015 Gallus Hall


190 minutes inc. interval


  • Peter Uhan
    Special recognition OFF SOF for best photography in advertising at the 24th Slovenian Advertising Festival in Portorož (2015)

  • 49th Bitef Audience Award (Belgrade International Theatre Festival)

  • Jernej Lorenci
    38th Politika (daily newspaper) Best Director Award
    at the 49th Bitef (Belgrade International Theatre Festival)

  • Jette Ostan Vejrup

    Borštnik Award for Acting

  • Special Borštnik Award for Ensemble Acting for the entire cast

  • Pascal Mérat
    Borštnik Award for Lighting Design

  • Maja Gspan
    Goran Merkaš Prize for best theatre poster or series of posters
    at the 4th Theatre Posters Biennial in Varaždin, Croatia

  • Grand Prix at the 23rd International Theatre Festival Kontakt

  • Journalists and Theatre Critics Award at the 23rd International Theatre Festival Kontakt

  • Radio Gra in Torun Award for Best Sound Design Branko Rožman and the entire cast at the 23rd International Theatre Festival Kontakt


  • 49th Bitef – Belgrade International Theatre Festival, Belgrade, Serbia (2015)

  • 50th Maribor Theatre Festival (2015)

  • The 23rd »Kontakt« International Theatre Festival (2016)

  • 24th International Theatre Festival »Varna summer« (2016)

  • World Theatre in Sofia (2016)

  • The Sibiu International Theatre Festival (2017)

  • 7th TEART International Forum in Minsk, Belarus (2017)

  • MITEM 2018, Budapest, Hungary (2018)

  • 58th Ohrid Summer Festival, Ohrid, Macedonia (2018)

  • The International Festival of Mediterranean Theatre Purgatorije 2018, Tivat, Montenegro

  • 26th International Theatre Festival Plzen, Czech Republic (2018)

  • 2nd Kielce International Theatre Festival, Poland (2019)

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