Johann Wolfgang Goethe


An authorial interpretation of the great classic dramatic poem

Original Title:Faust

World premiere of the adaptation


Tomaž Pandur

  • Co-producer
    Festival Ljubljana
  • Translators
    Božo Vodušek, Erika Vouk
  • Author of adaption
    Livija Pandur
  • Dramaturg
    Livija Pandur
  • Set designer
    Sven Jonke (Numen)
  • Costume designer
    Felype de Lima
  • Video designer
    Dorijan Kolundžija
  • Composers
    Silence (Boris Benko, Primož Hladnik)
  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • Lighting designer
    Tomaž Pandur
  • Sound designer
    Srečko Bajda
  • Make-up designer
    Julija Gongina
  • Assistant director
    Jaša Koceli
  • Assistant set designer
    Iztok Vadnjal
  • Assistant to costume designer
    Andrej Vrhovnik
  • Studens assistant director
    Jan Krmelj


Director Tomaž Pandur again deals with one of the greatest European myths. Although the story of Faust is based on the medieval legend about a man who sells his soul to the devil, it actually expresses the feeling of alienation of modern man and his need to understand himself and the world in the wider context of the universe.
Using an alchemical process, Pandur transposes the Faustian legend into the intellectual and emotional atmosphere of today and constructs his own poetics and truth. Together with the eternal struggle against the all-pervading evil, he emphasises the infinite longing for everything inaccessible or unattainable: family, love, youth, beauty.
Entry into the realm of magic, into landscapes of cosmic spheres, momentarily enables Faust to live on and find fulfilment, love, authority, and power, but the blood-signed contract with Mephisto – or oneself – finally brings him back to his solitude, old age, and the brevity of life.

The Ljubljana Festival was founded by the municipality of Ljubljana: 



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    Main Stage
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Opening nights

21 September 2015 Križanke, 30 October 2015 Main Stage SNT Drama Ljubljana


160 minutes inc. interval


  • 43rd Festival Internacional Cervantino, Auditorio del Estado, Guanajuato, Mexico (2015)

  • 15th Ibero-American Theatre Festival of Bogota, Colombia (2016)

  • Brno Theatre World 2016, Festival of Progressive Theatre (2016)

  • International festival of the Macedonian National Theatre (MNT-Fest) (2016)

  • 2016 Seoul Performing Arts Festival, Main Hall of the ARKO Arts Theater, Seoul, South Korea (2016)

  • Interferences International Theatre Festival 2016, Cluj, Romania (2016)

  • The Beijing People's Art Theatre International Festival (2017)

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