Leo Tolstoy

Anna Karenina

One of the most famous love stories of world literature

Original Title:Анна Кaренина


Dušan Jovanović

  • Adapted by
    Dušan Jovanović
  • Translator
    Gitica Jakopin
  • Dramaturg
    Darja Dominkuš
  • Set designer
    Jasna Vastl
  • Costume designer
    Urška Recer
  • Composer
    Drago Ivanuša
  • Language consultant
  • Video designer
    Matevž Jerman
  • Lighting designer
    Metod Novak
  • Choreographer
    Klemen Janežič
  • Tango consultant
    Maja Sever
  • Assistant to set designer (student)
    Sanja Gergorić


Dušan Jovanović’s stage adaptation (2015) of Tolstoy’s famous 1878 novel Anna Karenina mostly maintains the complexity of the novelistic plot, yet creates a drama with an extremely modern effect on stage. This tale of great uncontrollable love, encountering numerous exterior and some interior obstacles, is a story about an individual and a society with no room for those who do not comply with the rules. The love colliding with the life of a gentlewoman, the wife and mother Anna Karenina, is too big for the society and its double standards, its rigid (including unwritten) laws, its narrow-mindedness and inconsiderateness. The short-lived fulfilment of the forbidden relationship is “punished” by every possible restriction. Anna Karenina loses the right to her son and the society of her class rejects and ostracises her. The isolation, deprivation and all manner of doubt makes her misfortune escalate into agony, from which she sees but one escape.
Anna Karenina is a great love story of world literature, but simultaneously an uncompromising image of a cruel world in which love is defeated by vengefulness and moralising.

Opening night

6 January 2016 Main Stage


140 minutes inc. interval

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