Miha Mazzini


Stage Reading


Renata Vidič

  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • Dramaturgs (students)
    Kaja Novosel, Mojca Podlesek
  • Selection of costumes
    Miroslav Sokolovski
  • Authors of video animation
    Bine Skrt, Sandi Skok


Miha Mazzini’s latest play, evocatively entitled Safe, presents a clever use of science-fiction genre to enquire contemporary society and its paranoid need to protect and be protected. In Safe, the lives of characters are actually controlled by computers, and authentic interpersonal interaction is pushed to the margin because of its vagueness, and made undesirable due to its “dangerousness”. Her and Him would like to have a baby, and are given an android to learn about the real needs of children. Only if they pass the test, they will be allowed to breed a child of their own. The world depicted in Safe could easily be a projection of our future. However, due to its many allusions to many fears of individuals, the world represented in Safe is creepily the world of today.

Opening night

3 November 2015 Small Stage

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