Bible, the First Attempt

World premiere of the adaptation

Adaptation by creators of the performance


Jernej Lorenci

  • Dramaturg
    Matic Starina
  • Set designer
    Branko Hojnik
  • Costume designer
    Belinda Radulović
  • Composer
    Branko Rožman
  • Lighting designer
    Pascal Mérat
  • Choreographer
    Kaja Lorenci
  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • Student assistant director
    Dorian Šilec Petek, Jan Krmelj

Musicians: Branko Rožman, Štefica Stipančević (soprano), Eva Jurgec (oboe, flutes) and Kaja Novosel (flute).

This is a big book, the biggest book of all. And this big book, the biggest book of all was gradually becoming bigger and bigger. And even bigger. It became so big that it was too big. And when it became too big, it began to get emptied. And when it became even bigger, it become even emptier. Without even noticing, it was being blown out of any proportion until it became almost completely empty.
The book of all books.
We shall look for survivors in its almost completely emptied site of fire. We shall look for a story or two, in this biggest book of all books, in the promise of all the promises, in the disappointment of all disappointments. A story - or two - will be dedicated to the survivors of this story - or two. Perhaps it will be a story of a man who was a believer, but did not have anything to believe in, or perhaps a story of a man who lived, but had nothing to live for. Perhaps a story of a god who withdrew. Or perhaps about a god who never showed up. Perhaps only about the fact that god is always there, that god is a space between me and you, between us and you; and it us up to us whether we are able to fill this space - with godlike qualities, which has always been (and will remain so) an interpersonal site, vulnerable at the extreme. A fragile site. A wounded site.
Jernej Lorenci, director

Opening night

19 April 2017 Main Stage


180 minutes inc. interval


  • 51st Bitef – Belgrade International Theatre Festival, Belgrade, Serbia (2017)

  • 52nd Maribor Theatre Festival (2017)

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