Eva Kraševec, Maja Sever

Peter Klepec
or How to Become a True Hero

After the Legend of Peter Klepec
World premiere


Maja Sever

  • Dramaturg
    Eva Kraševec
  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • Set, Costume and Puppet Designer
    Barbara Stupica
  • Composer
    Milko Lazar
  • Stage movement designers
    Žigan Krajnčan, Gašper Kunšek
  • LIGHTING designers
    Mojca Sarjaš, Metod Novak
  • Assistant to director
    Luka Marcen


Little Petey is a shy boy, unable stand up for his rights. One afternoon he comes home agitated, carrying a football under his arm. His big sister Nina immediately notices that something must have happened on the pitch. Petey is reluctant to study, do his homework or play the flute and refuses to read a fairy tale about Peter Klepec, set as a home assignment. He would much rather prefer to play a game in which he would be a true hero. Using her imagination and children games, Nina takes him out on a fantastic journey, helping Petey to enter the heroic tale of Peter Klepec and acquire extraordinary strength to overcome his greatest fears. During his subsequent trials and tribulations, Petey learns to use his physical strength to good purpose and resolve deadlock disputes that occur in the playground.

Peter Klepec, a poverty-stricken and frail shepherd boy, is a popular legendary Slovenian hero, who acquires magic power. Many are familiar with the tale of Peter Klepec by France Bevk, as well as with Marjan Manček iconic illustrations, and other portrayals of the hero.The staging of Peter Klepec or How to Become a True Hero is based on games that children play nowadays, as well as on a re-think of the Peter Klepec legend, highlighting the motifs of sincere desire come true, and the ethical use of physical strength, as this is a key message delivered by one of the few Slovenian heroic figures, Peter Klepec.
Maja Sever


  • Feb
    Main Stage
  • Feb
    Main Stage

Opening night

18 November 2017 Main Stage


55 minutes


  • 30th Pippi Festival, Velenje (2019)

  • The Golden Stick Festival (2019)

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