Danilo Kiš

A Tomb for Boris Davidovich

    Újvidéki Színház/Novi Sad Theatre

    Director Aleksandar Popovski
    Stage Adaptation Erne Verebeš
    Stage Music Marjan Nečak
    Choreographer Ista Stepanov
    Set Designer Aleksandar Popovski
    Costume Designer Snežana Pešić Rajić
    Lightning Designer Robert Majoroš
    Sound Master Tibor Biro
    Prompter and Stage Manager Aleksandra Biro

    Silvia Križan
    Gabriela Crnković
    Emina Elor
    Agota Ferenc
    Atila Giric
    Daniel Gomboš
    Daniel Husta
    Ištvan Kereši
    Judit Laslo
    Arpad Mesaroš
    Atila Nemet
    Gabor Pongo
    Zoltan Širmer

    Who is Boris Davidovich? A rebel? A terrorist? A legend? Men underneath a hood, without a face or a voice, playing hide and seek, trying to make peace? A sort of a dandy-like lounge revolutionary? A man who believes that history making may help forming an individual, and that the pangs of being alive are infinitely better that the emptiness of non-existence?

    A Tomb for Boris Davidovich directed by Alexander Popovski is one of the most unusual stagings of Danilo Kiš’s work ever presented in Serbian theatres. It is a pure poetry of the mind – witty, harsh, tender. A constant reminder leaving and indelible impression in one’s mind for a very long time. According to the director, who has frequently worked at the SNT Drama Ljubljana, »it was definitely not our intention to yell at the audience. People are being yelled at more than enough as it is. We are looking for a tiny atom, a misplaced atom of desire for justice, an atom of humanity, as this is what keeps us being human.«

    »The actors carry out their tasks as one expects, flawlessly, skillfully and with the utmost precision, reflecting what makes this production so outstanding in its totality – i.e. the unbearable and incomprehensible lightness of existence in its emanation as a gorge of historical and personal suffering.«
    Igor Burić, Dnevnik

    »Fantastic ensemble acting of the Novi Sad theatre, guided by the original direction concept, created a performance that brought the audience to their feet.«
    Mina Petrić, Kulturkokoška on-line journal

    Slovenian and English surtitles
    Followed by a post-show talk at the Drama Forecourt. The talk will be hosted by Saša Pavlin Stošić and Eva Kraševec.

    Opening night

    2 October 2017


    95 minutes

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