Closing of the 5th Drama Festival featuring a concert by Čompe

    Čompe [pronounced: chom-peh] is a dialect term for potatoes in Trenta and the Zilja Valley. To call a music band that originated in the years 94/95 of the previous century Čompe was an instant and spur-of-the-moment decision. In subsequent years, however, thanks to the popularity of the band, the term čompe previously not known by the general public in its original meaning, has become synonymous with quality music and the band of the same appellation. Not surprisingly, to say »I’m enjoying čompe« does no longer actually mean that you’re enjoying your spuds, but that you’re a fan of Čompe and their music. What an interesting language development!

    Janez Škof, button accordion, vocals
    Neža Zinaić, violin
    Breda Krumpak, alto saxophone
    Žiga Saksida, alt, baritone saxophone
    Silvo Zupančič, guitar
    Marjan Stanič, drums, percussions

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