A Bitch

    Royal Theatre Zetski dom in Cetinje, Montenegro

    Director Árpád Schilling
    Text by Árpád Schilling and Éva Zabeezsinszkij based on the actors' improvisations
    Translator Kata Đarmati
    Composer Nina Perović
    Assistant to Director Mirko Radonjić
    Producer Ildiko Sagodi

    Nada Vukčević
    Srđan Grahovac
    Stevan Radusinović
    Vule Marković
    Zoran Vujović

    Nada is thirty-eight and single. She is waiting for a train at a village train station. Several travelling men gradually appear at the station too. The presence of a woman makes a strong impact on them; it stirs their memories of good and bad experiences they have had with women in their lives, and evokes their past and present conflicts with their mothers, fathers and girlfriends. Everybody has their own story, their own reasons that made them who they are.

    The main subject of the play by Árpád Schilling and Éva Zabeezsinszkij is the role of women in society, which is inextricably linked to the role of men. What is a man to do with his testosterone once he no longer needs to hunt for food in the woods? And what is a woman to do when she is allowed to have the same professions as men, and take her own decision if she wants to have a baby or not? What happens if she wants to live like men? What about those men who want to stay home with their children and are perfectly happy that their wives are the breadwinners? Does it mean they are less masculine? What is actually allowed in a patriarchal society? What are its reactions, fears and expectations?

    The show is a journey in space and time. With no set or decor. The stage is occupied only by the actors and their characters’ stories.

    Slovenian and English surtitles
    Followed by a post-show talk at the Drama Forecourt. The talk will be hosted by Nina Ivanišin and Žiga Divjak.

    Opening night

    28 April 2018


    75 minutes

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