Drama Acoustics

Acoustic Mi2

    Drama Acoustics is proud to present a concert by Mi2 on the Main Stage. The band will perform unplugged, which allows for a distinctly more authentic rapport with the audience at small and more intimate venues. The intimacy of the unplugged concert will offer plenty of opportunity for interaction, exclamations and shared witticisms by the musicians and the audience. This is often conducive to brash peals of laughter on stage and in the hall. The line-up of the concert, held in the delightful ambience of the Drama Ljubljana, might include several older or rarely performed songs one often fails to spot in the band’s standard repertoire.

    Tone Kregar, vocals, harmonica
    Jernej Dirnbek, acoustic guitar, vocals, accordion
    Egon Herman, acoustic guitar
    Robert Novak, bass
    Igor Orač Peter, cajón, vocals
    Davor Klarić, keyboards, vocals
    Blaž Celarec, shakers, percussions

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