William Shakespeare


    Guest performance by the SNT Nova Gorica

    Translator Srečko Fišer
    Director Janusz Kica
    Dramaturg Martina Mrhar
    Language Consultant Srečko Fišer
    Set Designer Karin Fritz
    Costume Designer Bjanka Adžić Ursulov
    Composer* Arturo Annecchino
    Lighting Designer Samo Oblokar
    Sound Designer Stojan Nemec
    Assistant To Director Maša Pelko

    Nejc Cijan Garlatti
    Arna Hadžialjević
    Žan Perko
    Jure Kopušar
    Žiga Udir
    Peter Harl
    Lovro Zafred
    Gorazd Jakomini
    Gregor Prah
    Jože Hrovat
    Miha Nemec
    Ana Facchini
    Patrizia Jurinčič Finžgar
    Medea Novak
    Dušanka Ristić

    As the fearless commander Macbeth returns from a successfully fought war, he chances upon mysterious witches, who in sparse words predict a stunning future for him. Immediately, he receives the news of an honour awarded to him by the king as gratitude for his bravery; this award fulfils the first prophecy on his way to the throne.
    Although Macbeth has killed countless people as a soldier, the thought of the bloody insidious act which would help him achieve the augured position causes him fear and doubt. His wife, however, is firm and demands Macbeth be a man and fulfil his (and her) wish. But the murder of the king is just the first in the series of brutalities that will hence mar their life.
    In the tragedy of Macbeth, the world is fully plunged into darkness and evil: the play begins with the end of a war and it ends with a new war, in the meantime, a series of crimes destroys the adversaries of the couple as well as the couple themselves, as they are increasingly haunted by inner distress, horrifying visions and insomniac delusions.
    Macbeth is considered one of the most radical depictions of evil in Western literature. However, this well-written drama of intimate confrontations with the horror of one’s own acts allows the viewer to identify much more easily with Macbeth than with other Shakespeare’s protagonists.
    Shakespeare’s masterpiece, in a new translation by Srečko Fišer, is staged by Janusz Kica who has directed several highly accomplished and acclaimed performances at the SNT Nova Gorica, including A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Ondine. They both explore cruelty in personal relationships and its reflection in the fantasy world, not unlike Macbeth.

    Opening night

    13 December 2018


    120 minutes

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