Juli Jakab, Árpád Schilling and Éva Zabezsinszkij
based upon actors’ improvisations

Pansion Eden

    Zagreb Youth Theatre, Croatia

    Director Árpád Schilling
    Translator Xenia Detoni
    Costume designer Marta Žegura
    Composer Nina Perović
    Interpreter Kata Gyarmati
    Lighting designer Aleksandar Čavlek
    Sound designer Miroslav Piškulić
    Producer Ildikó Ságodi
    Stage manager Petra Prša

    Hrvojka Begović
    Katarina Bistrović Darvaš
    Zoran Čubrilo
    Dado Ćosić
    Petar Leventić
    Edvin Liverić
    Filip Nola
    Urša Raukar
    Rakan Rushaidat
    Doris Šarić Kukuljica
    Mateo Videk
    Tina Orlandini

    Pansion Eden tells a story about dreams, fears and desires of a family trying to make the ends meet in time of war and capitalist domination. Some of its members have engaged in foul play and tried to cover their illicit activities. As Schilling was preparing his project in Zagreb with his co-authors Juli Jakab and Éva Zabezsinszkij, they found the inspiration in a terribly disturbing criminal case in Hungary which was impending a court verdict at the time. It is a story of 71 refugees who were left to suffocate in a refrigerator truck by a ring of human traffickers who understood perfectly well that such a vehicle was not suitable for transportation of people. But did they feel responsible, and if so, to what an extent? When family secrets begin to emerge in Pansion Eden, and the family members are forced to admit what they have done, their lies, fears and desires surface alongside the facts on abuse of power, corruption and their religious beliefs. Pansion Eden is Árpád's Schilling’s first theatre direction in Croatia.

    Slovenian and English surtitles

    Followed by a post-show talk at the Drama Forecourt.


    Opening night

    15 December 2018


    115 minutes

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