Marjan Nečak, Maja Hrgović

The Little Wire Girl

Original Title:Djevojčica sa žicama

Contemporary drama-opera
World premiere


Marjan Nečak

  • Co-producer
    Moving Music Theatre, Bitola, Makedonija
  • Original songs
    Ana Bunteska
  • Translator
    Darja Dominkuš
  • Composer, set designer, lighting designer
    Marjan Nečak
  • Dramaturg
    Darja Dominkuš
  • Costume designer
    Nataša Filipovič
  • Language consultant
    Tatjana Stanič
  • Video designer*
    Marin Lukanović
  • Choreographer
    Žigan Krajnčan
  • English translation of songs
    Elena Kitanovska
  • English translation of the play script
    Maja Hrgović
  • German extracts translation
    Valentina Ilievska
  • Consultant for English
    Darja Dominkuš
  • Consultant for German
    Eva Kraševec


*Cameramen Marin Lukanović, Annick Christiaens, Denis Van Laeken. Grateful acknowledgment is made to the NRK Production for the use of extracts from a documentary Bergensbanen.

The Little Wire Girl (2018) is a drama-opera written by Marjan Nečak, Maja Hrgović and Ana Bunteska about a female violinist travelling by train across Europe. In the course of her journey and stopovers at various railway stations, the story of her life unfolds, from a little girl who wanted to become a top musician, while her father spent the money earmarked for her school fees, to an old woman, still searching to find her spot under the European sky, having spent her entire life as a busker. The reference to Andersen’s »little match girl« is multi-layered. A harsh economic situation, a complicated relationship with the unsuccessful father, a search to find one’s place in contemporary Europe, which is increasingly turning into a place of social exclusion confined by barbed wire, walls and general restrictions ̶ the story is a reminder of a position of many gifted individuals who are currently seeking shelter to fully develop their potentials. However, Europe often turns out to be nothing but »a pale mother«, mastering to perfection how to refuse asylum seeker applications and crush their high hopes. With fathers who had no idea how to protect their children or were unable to look after them, the children are nothing but orphans on windswept train platforms of our cold, alienated technocratic world. Driven by an unstoppable need for artistic expression, they seem to cling to every opportunity, as slim as it may be, to enrich their own lives and the lives of their random passers-by.
This intimate drama, set on the background of current events in contemporary Europe, takes place in a borderline space between the real world and the dream world, in plausible, but often unpleasant situations at border crossings and checkpoints, memories and visions intertwining times and languages, music and poetry, bitterness and beauty of life.

A journey by a female violinist travelling across Europe in the rhythm of a train in search of a better »tomorrow«. Violin strings are signposts, turning into a barbed wire obstructing her way towards a desired goal. A metaphorical dramatic and music score, drifting effortlessly between various music styles, such as rock, pop, electronic music with a deep resonance of circus sounds, to operatic emotional culmination and rendition by two soloists.

Marjan Nečak



  • Sep
    Drama on tour

Festivals opening night

26 May 2018 Small Stage

Opening night

28 September 2018 Small Stage


70 minutes


  • The Award for the Most Original Exploration of One Segment of Theatrical Language at the 45th International Festival of Alternative and New Theatre, Novi Sad, Serbia

  • Marul Award for artistic achievement for director Marjan Nečak at the 29th Marulić Days Festival in Split, Croatia

  • The Viminacium Maximus Award for the best performance at the 2nd Viminacium Fest in Požarevac, Serbia

  • Marjan Nečak
    The Golden Lion for best music


  • 45th Infant Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia (2018)

  • 58th Ohrid Summer Festival, Ohrid, Macedonia (2018)

  • 29th Marulić Days Festival in Split, Croatia (2019)

  • 2nd Viminacium Fest, Požarevac, Serbia (2019)

  • 33th Festival “Theatre City” Budva, Montenegro (2019)

  • 44th Mot International Theatre Festival, Skopje, Macedonia (2019)

  • 54th Maribor Theatre Festival (2019)

  • XII edition of International Prize »Il teatro Nudo« ( »The Naked Theatre«) Teresa Pomodoro, Milan, Italy (2021)

  • 22nd International Festival of Chamber Theatre "Golden Lion", Umag, Croatia (2021)

  • 3rd Kielce International Theatre Festival, Poland (2021)

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